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What is Homeostatic Drive

Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms
A global drive within all living things that seeks to achieve and maintain homeostasis, or equilibrium, at all levels
Published in Chapter:
The Homeostatic Classroom: A New Framework for Creating an Optimal Learning Environment
John M. Montgomery (New York University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9953-3.ch004
This chapter will propose a new theoretical and practical framework that can be utilized in any type of classroom, including multicultural classrooms, and that creates an optimal learning environment while also being highly protective against potentially traumatic experiences for both students and teachers. The chapter will also introduce the “choose love” tool, which can be used in any classroom to connect the students and the teacher to the “homeostatic drive” – a global force or drive within each of us that is biologically and evolutionarily designed to keep us in states of homeostasis, or equilibrium, at all levels, and that is, the chapter will argue, the force of all love and self-love, including all “love” of learning.
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