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What is Social Media Advertising

Handbook of Research on Effective Advertising Strategies in the Social Media Age
A form of online advertising that targets individuals based on their social media activities and seeks interaction with social media users.
Published in Chapter:
The Influence of Perceived Interactivity of Social Media Advertising and Voluntary Self-Disclosure on Attitudes and Intentions to Pass-Along
Shu-Chuan Chu (DePaul University, USA) and Yeuseung Kim (DePaul University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8125-5.ch016
Social media provide advertisers with opportunities to disseminate advertising and develop relationships with consumers in an interactive environment. To gain an understanding of this current advertising platform, this chapter examines how the perceived interactivity of an ad in social media and consumers' voluntary self-disclosure affect attitude toward an ad, attitude toward a brand, and pass-along intentions. An online experiment was conducted to test the hypotheses and answer the research question. Contrary to the prediction, a highly interactive social media ad was not more effective than a low-interactive one. High voluntary self-disclosure individuals had more favorable attitudes and intentions to pass-along the ad. Theoretical and practical implications for social media advertising are discussed.
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Digital Advertising Practices and its Impacts on Students: An Application in the Public and Private Universities in Turkey
It is a kind of advertising that provided through media such as blogs, social networks, bookmarking sites, video sharing sites and forums.
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Social Media Advertising: A Dimensional Change Creator in Consumer Purchase Intention
The use of social media platforms to market goods, services, brands, or messages to a specific audience is known as social media advertising. In order to connect and interact with potential consumers, it incorporates paid promotional content that is posted on social media networks. Depending on the platform and the particular marketing goals, social media advertising can take many different shapes and employ different tactics.
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How Social Media is Transforming Marketing?
A kind of online advertising via social media.
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