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What is Multidimensional Assessment

Emerging Trends and Innovations in Privacy and Health Information Management
It is a type of evaluation that articulates different dimensions or different constructs with theoretical coherence.
Published in Chapter:
The Matrix of Complexity Associated With the Process of Social Intervention With Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Marta Freitas Olim (Diaverum, Portugal), Sónia Guadalupe (University Coimbra, Portugal), Fernanda da Conceição Bento Daniel (University Coimbra, Portugal), Joana Pimenta (Diaverum, Portugal), Luís Carrasco (Diaverum, Portugal), and Alexandre Gomes da Silva (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8470-4.ch004
This chapter discusses the standardization of instruments and typologies in social work assessment and introduces, from a multidimensional perspective, a new standardized instrument evaluating the level of complexity associated with the social intervention process in a sample of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. The authors evaluated the matrix's metric properties by internal consistency and defined a rating index through the best cutoff points, using receiver operator curve and Youden Index. Matrix construction and validation used focus groups of experts in blinded classification of 100 CKD patients and indicator weighting. The matrix shows good internal consistency and reliability (Cronbach's alpha = .742). Cutoff points indicate three levels of complexity classification. The matrix is a good instrument to identify the complexity associated with the social intervention process in the area of Nephrology, and is a relevant contribution to the social information management of social workers, the health teams and the administration of health units.
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Multidimensional Assessment of Open-Ended Questions for Enhancing the Quality of Peer Assessment in E-Learning Environments
Is combined three dimensions of assessments (system assessment of students’ free-text answers, peer assessment of students’ free-text answers and system assessment of the peer assessment).
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