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What is Tinkering

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
Process by which students explore, create, and construct knowledge about the world around them.
Published in Chapter:
Constructing Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Technology Integration
Kathleen A. Paciga (Columbia College Chicago, USA), Angela Fowler (Erikson Institute, USA), and Mary Quest (Erikson Institute, USA)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch663
Technology can be an amazing tool for teachers and teaching, but only when used in developmentally appropriate ways. With nearly 300 new applications being created everyday, it seems like teachers are staring into a technology-filled abyss that grows deeper and wider each minute. Teacher education programs can help preservice teachers be better prepared to consume, create, and collaborate in developmentally appropriate ways with children by: 1) unpacking what developmentally appropriate practice looks, feels, and sounds like; 2) exploring ways experts like writers or musicians authentically utilize technologies in their areas of expertise; 3) providing hands-on experiences with a range of technologies across content areas to build up preservice teachers' levels of comfort just in the technology realm; and 4) requiring preservice teachers to utilize technology in developmentally appropriate ways as they work with children. This chapter provides a theoretical foundation and exemplars-in-practice for each of the aforementioned topics.
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A Method for Multi-Perspective and Multi-Scale Approach Convergence in Educational Robotics
An educative approach, emphasising hands-on, creative problem-solving for unintentional gaining the knowledge and skills profitable for engineering, design and science.
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Stepping Stones to STEM: One School's Journey to Revamp and Revitalize the STEM Curriculum
The unstructured exploration with tools, materials, and supplies as part of a learning experience
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STEM Education for Girls: Perspectives of Teachers During a Makeathon
Explore using/playing with materials to repair or improve on something.
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Taking Making Into the Schools: An Immersive Professional Development Approach
A term originally used to describe the work of someone travelling about repairing items for people – a tinker. Currently used as a term to describe the process of grappling and wrestling of things and ideas as people improve or make solutions better within their localized context.
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