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What is Tourism Communication

Handbook of Research on Urban Tourism, Viral Society, and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Unlike marketing, which looks at the best way to make investments profitable, tourism communication studies all the elements that come into play before, during and after the stay for all the actors linked to the territory concerned.
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Management of the Health Crisis on Social Media by Hoteliers in Europe
Philippe Viallon (University of Strasbourg, France), Cécile Dolbeau-Bandin (Université de Caen, France), Jérémy Picot (IUT Robert Schuman, University of Strasbourg, France), and Viola Krebs (University of Strasbourg, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3369-0.ch014
The COVID-19 pandemic was a major phenomenon with strong health, political, economic, and social consequences. But the health crisis was also coupled with an equally powerful communication crisis. This double crisis has of course had an impact on the world of tourism. Since mobility has been partially authorized again in Europe, hoteliers are looking to win back their customers, especially on these same social media. What is the place of the pandemic in online communication? How can the subject of the crisis be raised without scaring customers? Are the modes of communication different depending on the category of the hotel? Based on 10 hotels of different categories taken at random in Paris, London, Berlin, and Rome, the study seeks to analyze the informational policies implemented online by individual hoteliers. The results show that the variables “country” or “category” are not significant; there are strong differences from one hotel to another, which highlight a greater or lesser capacity or interest in using these communication tools to promote the establishment.
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Photographic Image, Credibility, and Consumption of Tourism in the Digital Era
Tourism depends heavily on communication, either to communicate the attraction, or to communicate between companies, among other factors. In technological and media terms, tourism communication takes place in various forms, either by printed media, television, radio, Internet, among others. By varying the media and the technological devices, the localities / attractions can be communicated to the different visitors/tourists.
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Mobile Culture for Tourism Communication
This concept is based on three main modes of communication: (a) interpersonal face-to-face interactions among tourists and inhabitants, citizens and immigrants within a physical and social destination place; (b) classical mediated communication , undertaken by tourists through tourism institutions (tourism central or local offices), tourism organizations (tourism agencies) and via mass media e.g. newspapers, television; (c) digital media , for instance tourism sites and social networks and, recently, digital mobile media. Mobile devices are the main tool that contribute to the emergence of both the so-called electronic and internet-based e-tourism and the more mobile oriented m-tourism .
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Which Sociology of Urban Tourism in the Day After Viral Society?: For an Intercultural, Intermediary, and Inter-Methodological Hybrid and Open Research
Communicative paradigm around tourism communication founded on three distinct modes of communication, but also hybridized in contemporary times: the pre-modern mode of communication in co-presence (face-to-face conversations, etc.); the mode of mass communication characteristic of modern societies (press, radio, television); and the digital communication mode associated with postmodernity (cyberspace, cybertime).
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