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What is Traditional Learning

Self-Directed Learning Strategies in Adult Educational Contexts
Typical face-to-face learning interactions that occur in a physical location, such as on a college campus.
Published in Chapter:
Designing Innovative Faculty Development Initiatives Through the Lens of the Adult Learner
Amy Gaimaro (Molloy College, USA) and Amy Lomellini (Molloy College, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8018-8.ch010
As adult learners, faculty bring a range of experiences, content knowledge, and motivations with regard to the learning environment. With the continued growth of online enrollment, colleges and universities are focusing on learning theory, course design, and pedagogical shifts for teaching in today's classroom. Faculty development staff can use adult learning theories to guide the creation of alternative ways to deliver professional development. The authors highlight instructional design and program assessment as critical areas in supporting quality faculty development programs. This chapter will discuss trends in online education, adult learning theory research, the role of the instructional designer, and assessment of faculty development programs.
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Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
occurs in situations where students learn primarily from the instructor (the “sage-on-the-stage”) and/or from resources such as books, journals, and audio and video-tapes.
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Transformative and Innovative Pedagogies in Education
Is usually classroom instruction that includes an instructor and students, characterized by interactive activities, socializing, writing lecture notes, receiving homework, and taking exams.
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Videos or Zoom?: A Flipped Class Approach in PST Online Education
A teaching and learning pedagogy that focuses on a model where the teacher lectures or introduces new content first, gradually allows students to practice, and then has students complete independent activities on their own, often outside of the classroom as homework; Can include both direct and indirect forms of learning so as long as it occurs in a traditional, face-to-face setting.
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The Scholarship of Teaching Engineering: Some Fundamental Issues
This refers to lecture based learning where teachers provide instruction to students.
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Active Learning Strategies in Higher Education in the Arab World
The teacher directs students to learn through memorization and recitation techniques thereby not developing their critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills.
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A Reflective Essay of a Conceptual Model for Self-Directed Learning for the Adult Learner
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Distance Education in Higher Education: Modern Applications and Management Courses
Long-established teaching method with a very few digital interactive and innovative strategies, currently much more student-centered than teacher-centered.
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Blended Learning in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities
A teacher-directed learning in a setting where course implementation takes place with face-to-face interaction.
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