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What is Transcription

Cases on Establishing Effective Collaborations in Academic Libraries
The act or process of transcribing or copying.
Published in Chapter:
Asset Mapping in Academic Libraries: Collaborating Across University and Library Departments
Alia Levar Wegner (Miami University, USA) and Alea Henle (Miami University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-2515-2.ch008
Miami University Libraries harnessed the power of asset mapping to create and manage eight remote digital projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing on library staff and students from across the university. This chapter documents the steps and actions and offers insights into techniques and approaches that may be adopted under different circumstances. Asset mapping facilitated matching available staff and skills with available projects and resulted in a dramatic increase in productivity. Properly deploying asset mapping involves identifying ways to provide benefit to all involved parties. Special collections used the quarantine to jumpstart alliances with other departments, who provided staff time, skill, and labor, but the initiative's success is demonstrated not merely by productivity during quarantine but staff interest in maintaining a degree of involvement afterward.
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Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Documents: Main Challenges and Recent Advances
Relays on writing a speech in a script as it is pronounced in the goal to guide the pronunciation of beginners in a language or to convert an audio speech to a text.
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Modeling Gene Regulatory Networks with Delayed Stochastic Dynamics
the process of copying DNA to RNA by an enzyme called RNA polymerase (RNAp)
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Online Orthographies
the conversion of spoken language (e.g. sounds) into writing
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Assessing Practical Accessibility in Online Courses Based on Local Conditions
A written record of audio and video files (often including speakers, what is spoken, timing, and other data).
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Bio-Inspired Algorithms in Bioinformatics I
The assembly of complementary single-stranded RNA on a DNA template.
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