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What is Transdisciplinary

Encouraging Transnational Learning Through Virtual Exchange in Global Teacher Education
Emphasizes knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are shared and valued by all team members across disciplines. Transdisciplinary is knowledge/skills-based.
Published in Chapter:
Designing and Implementing a Globally Focused Interdisciplinary STEM Program: A Model for Preservice Teacher Preparation Programs
Moe D. Greene (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA), Yaoying Xu (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA), and Jill E. Blondin (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7813-4.ch008
This chapter presents a model for designing and developing a globally-focused interdisciplinary STEM program in preservice teacher education. It provides an overview of a STEM program model that was developed to further strengthen the participants' skills and knowledge in STEM in a collaborative and experiential learning context. The model leverages the affordances of instructional technology while drawing on the learning to teach in community conceptual framework which facilitates learning through five core components: vision, understanding, disposition, practice, and tool. The program components align well with this framework as it emphasizes the competencies of the participants in developing a vision of empowerment in culturally relevant contexts. The opportunities and challenges of developing such a program are discussed. The chapter concludes with a model for establishing program goals and objectives and leveraging the affordances of technology to enhance student learning.
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Investigating Current Sustainability Issues Through Play and Future Scenarios: Play to Save
It is an educational approach that is above any disciplines that involves the process. It serves each discipline but not particularly involve any specific aspects of disciplines.
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The Collaborative Gap: A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Design Education
Knowledge that exists in every individual, thus eliminating the need for discipline boundaries.
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Aging Suit: An Accessible and Low-Cost Design Tool for the Gerontodesign
Cross disciplines. Cross the boundaries of two or more disciplines.
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Using a Web-Based Collaboration Portal and Wiki for Making Health Information Technology Decisions
A process that melds varying backgrounds and perspectives of stakeholders, resulting in unified concepts, ideas and approaches to an identified problem or issue.
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Racing Ahead With Innovation: The Case for Hybrid Models and Ethical Decisions
A theoretical (axiomatic) inquiry method and position that transcends disciplines and considers all knowledge bases on an even footing.
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Increasing Student Engagement and Participation Through Course Methodology
The framework for allowing members of an educational team to contribute knowledge and skills, collaborate with other members, and collectively create knowledge.
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Societal Intersections and COVID-19 Effects on Young Children Vulnerability: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Holistic Integration
In this context, transdisciplinary refers to an approach called for to address young children’s vulnerabilities. It comes from Nicolescu’s (2014) take on Piaget’s (1970) term transdisciplinarity, which calls for a collaborative approach that invests support ‘through’ and ‘beyond’ various disciplines which serve to complement each other (Moodley et al ., 2019).
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Transdisciplinary Collaborative Development of Healthcare Virtual Simulations
Representative of a holistic, inclusive approach to go beyond disciplines into new realms of inquiry, practice, and research.
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(more)SoftAssertions: A Progressive Paradigm for Urban Cultural Heritage, Interior Urbanism, and Contemporary Typologies
The assembly and collaboration of many disciplines on a shared project, with each discipline contributing material not only from their particular area of expertise, but rather a sort of collaboration with a much more broadly scope and interaction. Those in any particular discipline work collaboratively and intimately with others beyond their discipline, with the idea that one can, and the work can, transcend disciplines to create greater innovations and broader knowledge. Diversity is maximized. Typical defined edges, roles and responsibilities are mostly broken down.
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The Transdisciplinary Nature of STEAM Education: Integrating STEAM in Pre-Service Teacher Education
Transdisciplinary is defined as the merging of distinct and diverse fields into a unified whole to foster new paradigms or domains and converge on a target ( NSF, 2017 ). The new field is larger than the sum of the parts.
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Collaborative and Open Education by Interdisciplinary Women's Networks: FemTechNet and Feminist Pedagogies in Digital Education
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