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What is Transfer of Learning

Handbook of Research on Service-Learning Initiatives in Teacher Education Programs
The application of lessons learned in one setting to other similar and dissimilar settings, which is the ultimate goal of the teaching personal and social responsibility model.
Published in Chapter:
Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility in Physical Education Teacher Education: A Service-Learning Application
K. Andrew R. Richards (The University of Alabama, USA), Victoria Nicole Ivy (The University of Alabama, USA), Michael A. Lawson (The University of Alabama, USA), and Tania Alameda-Lawson (The University of Alabama, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4041-0.ch008
Service-learning has gained popularity in physical education programs as a way to prepare pre-service teachers to work with culturally diverse students. The chapter contributes to this growing movement developing a conceptual framework for the development of a service-learning program fit to meet (a) the learning needs of low-income children and families; (b) the education, training, and socialization needs of preservice teachers; and (c) the design requirements of best practice interventions. A research- and theory-driven application of service-learning through the teaching personal and social responsibility pedagogical model is overviewed in reference to one physical education teacher education program. Lessons learned from the implementation of this model are discussed, as are implications for practice. Improvement science is offered a methodology that can help researchers develop the responsiveness of these initiatives while also furthering the research base of the field.
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Challenges of Training Motor Vehicle Mechanics for Changing World Contexts and Emergent Working Conditions: Cases of Kenya and Australia
Applying knowledge to situations or circumstances that are different from the one it was constructed in. there is near transfer and far transfer of learning. An example near transfer may involve learning to use a piece of equipment or a procedure similar to one already mastered. Far transfer on the other hand involves transferring knowledge to a new situation where the operations are totally different.
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Serving Rural Communities Using Blended Technology
The knowledge or behavior that an individual retains from an exchange of information that can be integrated and used to understand or to behave in new situations.
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Creating a Framework for Future Learning: A Two-Pronged Social-Technological Approach
The ability of learners to take knowledge created in one setting and apply it correctly to any other settings.
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Infection Prevention and Control Training-Design of a Workbook Prototype
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Key Aspects of Teaching and Learning in the Online Environment
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What College Students Gained Serving on Hiring Committees for Student Job Openings: From Initial Survey to Post-Graduation Transfer of Learning
“The effective and continuing application by learners – to their performance of jobs or other individual, organizational, or community responsibilities – of knowledge and skills gained in learning activities. Transfer of learning is identified as change in attitude, a demonstration of the acquisition of new knowledge, or a change in behavior” (Daffron & North, 2009 AU27: The in-text citation "Daffron & North, 2009" is not in the reference list. Please correct the citation, add the reference to the list, or delete the citation. , p. 2).
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