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What is Transformative Pedagogy

Handbook of Research on Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Education that recognizes inequities and endeavors to create a more just society. It is based on the idea that educators can choose to either “maintain or to resist and overcome coercive relations of power” ( Cummins, 2001 ) and social and economic inequities.
Published in Chapter:
School Home Interactive Curriculum Development: Teachers and Families in Partnership
Peggy Morrison (Bilingual Education Teacher and Consultant, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9953-3.ch007
The chapter describes School Home Interactive Curriculum Development, a process of structured collaboration between educators and families used to cyclically co-construct thematic, interdisciplinary curriculum units in first grade classrooms of a Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion bilingual program. While not a formal case study, the chapter describes the case of the authentic situation where classroom teachers partnered with families of historically disenfranchised communities (linguistic, immigrant, economic) to develop culturally responsive pedagogy and practice in public school classrooms. The process was sustained and refined over a six-year period. A primary aim of this process was to legitimize the knowledge and perspectives of the families and communities within the public school institution and to support students to develop a sense of agency as owners and creators of valuable knowledge.
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Critical Media Literacy as Transformative Pedagogy
A progressive educational approach that includes democratic constructivist-based pedagogy for the promotion of social justice and democratic ideals to transform students and society. Transformative pedagogy empowers learners to engage in dialogue to co-construct meaning from educational material and experiences through an inquiry-based approach (as opposed to what Paulo Freire calls a “banking” orientation). It also promotes personal experiences, dialogical pedagogy, and aligning education with social justice.
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Placing Technology in Learner-Centered Design through Blended Learning in Post-Secondary Education
Teaching to inform and equip learners with the capacity to effect change in one’s environment. It is transformative in that the learner becomes aware of the social, political and/or personal barriers that produce an oppression that undermines the ability to make change or control one’s outlook on social mediated constructs.
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Re-Evaluating Schools: Issues, Questions, and Opportunities
Education designed to enable the student to change at a human-consciousness level.
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Capabilities-Based Transformative Online Learning Pedagogy for Social Justice
Education designed to enable the student to change at a human-consciousness level.
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