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What is Transformative Social Emotional Learning (TSEL)

eLearning Engagement in a Transformative Social Learning Environment
Expands the SEL framework to address social justice and disenfranchisement of underprivileged groups by examining the additional acquisition of knowledge and skills in identity, intersectionality, agency, and belongingness.
Published in Chapter:
Transformative Social and Emotional Learning: Examining Learning Management Systems Through the Pairing of Digital Learning Environments
Joseph P. Fiorentini (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA), Michael P. McCreery (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA), Le Quanda L. Cole (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA), Sam A. Leif (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA), Malaya M. Monk (Florida State University, USA), Jessica R. Bagneris (Florida State University, USA), and Danielle L. Head (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6956-6.ch009
COVID-19 required teachers and administrators to swiftly transition traditional education into learning management systems (LMS). However, LMSs are designed as delivery trucks, providing content to students and serving as digital filing cabinets that organize and deliver information in an appropriate manner. This inherent limitation allows for the disenfranchisement of underprivileged groups, which can be addressed via the transformative social and emotional learning framework (TSEL). TSEL is a method of alleviating inequitable learning experiences by accounting for racial oppressions that marginalized groups encounter within education. Here, the authors discuss how to leverage additional digital learning environments to enhance and support identity, belongingness, intersectionality, and agency during online learning. These digital learning environments are detailed from a research perspective as well as a practical one, allowing readers to immediately implement concurrent extensions to their LMS.
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