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What is Transnationalism

Hispanic Women/Latina Leaders Overcoming Barriers in Higher Education
A view of the world that sees certain interests as going beyond the borders of individual nation-states. Whereas internationalism emphasizes the relationship among nation-states, transnationalism takes a global perspective (Collins, 2009).
Published in Chapter:
Leadership Models
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3763-3.ch006
Leaders gain followers because they have various traits, concepts, and skills that appeal to followers. The history of leadership through the centuries has been dominated by men who have led because of their physical characteristics, personal charisma, fast wit, or their ability to relate to their followers. Do women have the same traits? Indeed! However, as the history briefly described and as this chapter will point out, it is primarily men who have been allowed to influence and impact their countries, communities, and institutions. Their leadership has, in fact, been based on and perpetuated by a hierarchical society where most women have not had a chance to control or even advance in the pre-established structures. Only a few Hispanic women/Latinas have been able to reach those positions and who should be proud of giving other women a glimpse into a way that they can break this cycle that has lasted for hundreds and thousands of years. These women leaders are now opening Hispanic women's and Latinas' pathways into higher education.
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Georgian Diaspora: Past and Contemporaneity
The process through which immigrants form and maintain multifaceted relations that connect communities of origin and host; Living in two societies simultaneously and balancing between them.
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Digital Media and Cosmopolitan Critical Literacy: Research and Practice
The increasing diversity of people immigrating voluntarily and involuntarily to new home countries argues for an appreciation of cosmopolitan cultural funds of knowledge that values social difference in languages and cultural beliefs.
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A Bibliometric Analysis of Digital Feminism Research
It means people of more than one nationality are under the auspices of a state. For example, not only the British but also the Americans and the French live in a state.
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