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What is Transphobia

The Reproduction and Maintenance of Inequalities in Interpersonal Relationships
Discrimination against and/or dislike for transgender people.
Published in Chapter:
Inequalities Across Borders: Assessing the Intersections of Policy, Institutional Interactions, and Individual Experiences for LGBTQIA Refugees
Melissa Camille Buice (University of North Carolina at Pembroke, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4128-2.ch009
This chapter investigates major influences on continued inequality of people who are LGBTQIA refugees. Through a summary of multidisciplinary literature across fields related to sociology, social work, legal analysis, and mental health treatment, this piece envisions ways to incorporate policy analysis and political science perspectives, arguing for an integrated framework that improves upon existing policy analyses and refugee/asylum studies. The discussion revolves around ways that the U.S. government contributes to LGBTQIA inequality in the United States and abroad through domestic and foreign policies that overlook the widespread human costs of U.S. policy.
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Homophobic Conduct as Normative Masculinity Test: Victimization, Male Hierarchies, and Heterosexualizing Violence in Hate Crimes
Negative attitude (from simple discomfort, to hate, to total hostility and extreme violent conduct) of an individual or group towards transgender and transsexual individuals.
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Addressing Sexual and Gender Diversity in an English Education Teacher Preparation Program
Fear, dislike, or hatred directed toward people whose gender identity/expression at least sometimes conflicts with their sex assigned at birth.
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Communicating Transgender Identity
Prejudice, discriminatory acts against transgender and gender nonconforming individuals taking form as negative attitudes, mistrust, fear, disbelief, and hatred; transphobia manifests as reactions of disgust, discounting pronouns and identity, verbal and physical harassment, as well as denial of housing, employment, or health care because someone is transgender.
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Theoretical Approach to the Concept of Modern Homonegativity: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention in the Educational Field
Fear or hatred of people who do not conform to socially established gender expectations such as masculine women, feminine men and transvestites, transsexuals or transgender people ( Hill, 2003 ).
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Contextualizing Healthcare Needs of the Transgender Community in Kerala: A Strategic Approach
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