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What is Transportation Problem

Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning
The objective of transportation problem is to determine the amount to be transported from each origin to each destination such that the total transportation cost is minimized.
Published in Chapter:
An Approach for a Multi-Objective Capacitated Transportation Problem
Nurdan Kara (National Defence University, Turkey) and Hale Gonce Köçken (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9220-5.ch143
The multi-objective solid transportation problem is a special class of vector-minimum linear programming problems in which the objectives are often in conflict. Furthermore, the supply, demand, and conveyance constraints in MSTP may not be only of equality type but also of inequality type. The fuzzy programming approach is one of the most common solution methods for multi-objective programming problems. In this approach, linear membership functions are generally used in the literature. In this study, the fuzzy programming approach is applied by utilizing a special type of non-linear (exponential) membership functions to solve the multi-objective capacitated solid transportation problem (MCSTP) and a Pareto-optimal solution is obtained. Finally, an application from the literature is provided to illustrate the efficiency of the exponential membership function. Also, a comparison is presented with the solution obtained by using a linear membership function.
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Solving Solid Transportation Problems with Multi-Choice Cost and Stochastic Supply and Demand
It is a model that is applied to determine how many units of commodity to be shipped from each origin to various destinations, satisfying source availability and destination demand and minimizing the total cost of transportation.
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A Contribution to Better Organized Winter Road Maintenance by Integrating the Model in a Geographic Information System
Type of linear programming problem that can be solved using a simplified version of the simplex technique called transportation method.
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Artificial Neural Network in Operation Management Regarding Communication Issue
TP is management of production unit to retailing market in an optimal way such that cost is minimized and maximum amount of resources can be utilized.
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