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What is Connective Intelligence

Handbook of Research on Mobile Devices and Smart Gadgets in K-12 Education
It is a term coined by Derrick de Kerckhove (1997) AU98: The citation "de Kerckhove (1997)" matches the reference "De Kerckhove, 1997", but the capitalization is different. and it can be considered as a variable of “Collective Intelligence” ( Levy, 1997 AU99: The citation "Levy, 1997" matches the reference "Lévy, 1997", but an accent or apostrophe is different. ). In very general terms it is a despatialized and distributed intelligence that results from interactions between interconnected users.
Published in Chapter:
Ubiquitous, Wearable, Mobile: Paradigm Shifts in E-Learning and Diffusion of Knowledge
Sebastiano Nucera (University of Messina, Italy), Gennaro Tartarisco (Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, Italy), Aldo Epasto (University of Messina, Italy), Donatello Smeriglio (University of Messina, Italy), Alessandro Mazzeo (University of Messina, Italy), Giovanni Pioggia (Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, Italy), and Alessandra Anastasi (University of Messina, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2706-0.ch018
Ubiquitous devices and wearable technologies are becoming smaller and more rich in features to meet user demands and applications. The emergence of ever more sophisticated technologies has created new relationships between real, virtual, and augmented world. This is quite evident, within educational contexts. This chapter will explore new learning approaches based on virtual and augmented reality technologies. Virtual and augmented realities dispense specific knowledge and information. This chapter will discuss augmented reality and education applications based on virtual reality. The chapter will differentiate between ways in which wearable technologies enhance and restructure teaching and learning processes. To circumscribe a well-defined level of analysis, the chapter will examine experiences of using wearable technology within educational contexts.
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The Implementation of Practices with ICT as a New Teaching-Learning Paradigm
The intelligence manifested from people when staying connected on the Internet (i.e., a social network). For its feature of being a personal quality of the subjects and for some practical aspects, like the presence of a connecting medium and the need of being connected, it is different from collective intelligence.
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