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What is Underrepresentation

Handbook of Research on Promoting Cross-Cultural Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education
Insufficient presence of students from a diverse group in a special education category; a smaller number than would be predicted by their proportion in the population.
Published in Chapter:
Multiculturalism in Special Education: Perspectives of Minority Children in Urban Schools
Zandile P. Nkabinde (New Jersey City University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0897-7.ch020
The goal of this chapter is to explore multicultural education in the context of special education. Multicultural education as an effective intervention in urban schools is discussed. Obiakor (2007) describes this era as that of accountability where schools are challenged to leave no child behind, which makes schools more responsive to students' needs including those with special needs who are linguistically and culturally diverse. In addition, Gay (2002) defines culturally responsive teaching as using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, and performance styles of diverse students to make learning more appropriate and effective for them; it teaches to and through the strengths of these students.
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The Promise for African American Male Students in Graduate Studies and Professional Development at Marygrove College
Inadequately represented ( ).
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K. Patricia Cross's Chain-of-Response (COR) Model for Widening Participation at Higher Levels of Lifelong Learning in a World of Massification: Past, Present, and Future
Refers to people who are denied open access into higher education institutions or who cannot meet educational attainment due to any number of factors including first and foremost socio-economic conditions.
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Breaking Barriers: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Research
The insufficient presence or acknowledgement of certain groups, often based on gender, race, socioeconomic status, or other demographics, in specific domains or contexts.
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Recognizing and Developing STEM Talent Among Diverse Populations
Lack of representation of groups of individuals in various programs or careers (e.g., gifted programs, STEM careers, advanced placement courses).
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Research on US Education Abroad: A Concise Overview
Categories of students who study abroad in fewer numbers than they represent at their home institution. Underrepresented populations may include ethnicity, gender, discipline of study, first generation etc. The term is often used erroneously to refer to diversity issues.
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Online Doctoral Programs: Breaking Down Barriers for Women
Insufficient or disproportionately low representation.
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Minority Students in Teacher Education: Diversifying America’s K-12 Teaching Force
Statistically, a group of people who are not represented in a given situation (in this case, the profession of teaching) at the same level as they are represented in the larger population.
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