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What is Underserved population

Instructional Design Exemplars in eHealth and mHealth Education Interventions
The Department of Health and Human Services (n.d.) characterizes as underserved, vulnerable, and special needs populations as those that include minority members or individuals who have experienced health disparities.
Published in Chapter:
Telehealth Use in Interdisciplinary Health Professions Student Groups to Support Improved Outcomes
LuAnn Etcher (Sacred Heart University, USA) and Donna Faye McHaney (Sacred Heart University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9490-2.ch012
The intervention is presented within an academic setting. Clinical site shortages for all health professions students has been compounded by the recent pandemic, with a logical desire to leverage and expand the use of telehealth in this regard. The overarching purpose was to provide clinical encounters for a blend of interdisciplinary health professions students via telehealth care, while improving healthcare access and outcomes in underserved populations. A systematic instructional design approach was utilized. The approach included a needs analysis for gathering background information, followed by the design phase will commence where the project model can be initially designed and reviewed prior to launch. In the development phase, the project is finalized, implemented, and then evaluated for necessary changes to improve outcomes and foster sustainability. A discussion of challenges and recommendations for improved practice is included.
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Retention of Rural Latina College Students, Engaging Strategic Leadership: A Chicana Feminist Theory Perspective on Retention
Refers to populations that face barriers and challenges in accessing and using resources, due to geographic location, religion, sexual orientation, gendered-identity, racial, and ethnic populations. Underserved populations usually encounter unique challenges (such as language and cultural barriers, physical and/or cognitive ability, alienage status, or age).
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Mobiles for Development: The Case of M-Banking
refers to people who does not have available some Information and Communication Technologies services for any reason, but especially because their low income.
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