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What is Intercultural Identity

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Student Experience in Canadian Higher Education
A gradual psychological evolution of one’s self-conception and self-perception within a distinct social and cultural group to an intercultural way of relating to oneself and others from different social and cultural groups.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Intercultural Socialization and Identity Development of International Students Through Duoethnography
Glory Ovie (The King's University, Edmonton, Canada) and Lena Barrantes (University of Calgary, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5030-4.ch001
This chapter looks at how two international PhD students (re)constructed and (re)negotiated their identities, and intercultural socialization through the sharing their personal stories and experiences. This chapter employed a duoethnography research methodology. Duoethnography is a collaborative research methodology in which two or more researchers engage in a dialogue on their disparate histories in a given phenomenon. The use of duoethnography allowed the researchers to revisit their lives as sites of research to determine how their different experiences and backgrounds informed the (re)construction and (re)negotiation of their identities in the face of multiple and competing identities and their subsequent participation in the new culture. Through this process, the researchers acted as the foil for the Other, challenging the Other to reflect in a deeper, more relational and authentic manner as they sought to achieve a balance between participating in a new way of life and maintaining their cultural and personal identities.
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