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What is ACEs

Counseling Strategies for Children and Families Impacted by Incarceration
An acronym that stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. This rating system is used to determine that amount of experienced hardship and trauma for children and adolescents.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Parental Incarceration and Its Effects on Children's Mental Health
Sara Pickett (University of Cincinnati, USA) and Jordan McCoy (University of Cincinnati, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9209-0.ch005
While a deeper understanding of the effects of mass incarceration in the United States has gained recent traction and attention, it is less recognized that the children of those incarcerated are also greatly affected. There is a growing body of research that focuses on how parental incarceration affects the mental health of children. However, there is a critical need to further the conversation around how incarceration creates a trickledown effect of mental health issues. The goal of this chapter is to examine how and why mass incarceration has led to increased mental illnesses and disenfranchisement for sentenced individuals and their children. By discussing this complex system, further truths will be revealed, and important questions will be generated. The authors conclude with questions, and suggestions, in the hopes that this will lead to further research and action that have vast implications for the mental health community as it pertains to the discussed population.
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Coping With Compassion Fatigue Through Self-Care
Adverse Child Experiences, a study done by Kaiser Permanente and the CDC. Principal authors were Vincent Felitti and Robert Anda. Documented the long-term effects of trauma in three major categories.
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Adverse Childhood Experiences: How Incidents From the Past Affect a Student's Classroom Behavior Today
An acronym that stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences; experiences that children witness or are a party to that can negatively impact an individual across their lifetime.
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