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What is Unity

Handbook of Research on the Influence and Effectiveness of Gamification in Education
A cross-platform computer game development environment.
Published in Chapter:
Development of Computer Games by Students
Chulpan Minnegalieva (Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies, Kazan Federal University, Russia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4287-6.ch011
People have a different attitude towards computer games – from their complete rejection to delight. However, representatives of different professions agree that computer games can and should be used with benefit. This chapter describes practical tasks related to developing computer games in students' education. Tasks of that type are offered to students studying information technology. Game development uses modern platforms that provide ample opportunities. Students develop 3D models, write scripts, and research interaction principles between different applications. Such tasks will help protect the younger generation from misuse of computer games, improve programming and modeling skills, and develop spatial thinking and creativity.
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Integral Post-Analysis of Design-Based Research of an Organizational Learning Process for Strategic Renewal of Environmental Management
A bounded, whole entity that performs a distinct function within a system. A unity defines itself as separate from and coupled with its environment.
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Simulation and Modelling in Fire Safety: Virtual Reality for Smart Firefighting
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Racism in the United States: Messy Conversations About Exceptionalism, Passivity, and Why America Has Yet to Overcome
What occurs when we see ourselves in the Other. The ability to come together as a single body politic and collectively address the overwhelming circumstances that currently confronts society.
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Coordinated Control of a Collaborative 6R Robotic Arm With a Virtual Twin and Augmented Reality for Engineering Education
Unity is a development engine for the creation of video games that offers a multitude of functionalities for developers, which has also been used in virtual reality, in Architecture and Design projects and also in the edition and preview of miniseries.
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Virtual Reality in Libraries
Software used to create interactive virtual reality content.
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Community Music Therapy Partnering With Community Musicians: Orchestral Dialogues – Accepting Self, Accepting Others
Musically, this term refers to a group of musicians playing the same note at the same time.
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Learning to Follow Directions in English Through a Virtual Reality Environment: An Eye Tracking Study and Evaluation of Usability
A game engine that can be used to develop videogames, simulations or other interactive applications using the C# programming language or Javascript.
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