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What is Dupieux, Quentin

Universal Codes of Media in International Political Communications: Emerging Research and Opportunities
A French experimental filmmaker, musician (uses Mr. Oizo as a pseudonym for his musical career), composer and DJ. (b. April 15, 1974).
Published in Chapter:
Universal Code of Movies and Influence of Traditional Media
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3808-1.ch002
The chapter dwells on the need of studying of universality of certain components of audiovisual media (especially movies) as a cause and possible instrument of international political communication. Emphasized is the low level of research of that very problem in the context of political studies, which ensures certain difficulties in formulating political components of the international political communication evident in case of movies. On an example of Movies in Politics by J. Rosenbaum it is shown why film criticism has a poor connection with political science. Examples of such an influence are presented in the chapter both through historical discourse and more specific cases. Proposed is the string of concept terms among which a universal code of movies – a certain informational component of audiovisual productions, understandable without its textual basis.
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