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What is User-Created Content

Handbook of Research on Engaging Digital Natives in Higher Education Settings
Content that is made public and that reflects a certain amount of effort in its creation, for example, creating a web page or posting a message on a social networking website.
Published in Chapter:
Profiling Internet Use of Portuguese Higher Education Students
Rita Santos (University of Aveiro, Portugal) and José Azevedo (Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0039-1.ch003
This chapter aims at providing as close a picture as possible of the engagement of HE students with the Internet, especially as regards Web 2.0, and of the knowledge, attitudes, skills and opportunities associated with this use. For this purpose, the following chapter presents the results of a review of empirical studies conducted on a set of analysis dimensions of Internet use, including access, intensity, scope, and participation in the creation and sharing of content, digital literacy revealed by the students using the Internet and opportunities for the development of activities associated with the effective / competent learners.
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Measuring Transformational Use of ICTs at Regional Level
A term which is used in connection to the notion of the “participative Web”. The OECD (2007, p. 18) proposes three central characteristics as defining properties of user-created content: publication requirement (the work is made publically available rather than exchanged between individuals); a minimum degree of creative effort; and creation outside of professional routines and practises.
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The Benefits for Faculty Teaching in Online and F2F Environments
Media contributed to social networking and collaboration sites by users of those sites, often via small and easy-to-use Internet tools. Examples include Wikipedia, YouTube and URL sharing resources such as
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