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What is Community-Based Participatory Research

Building a Patient-Centered Interprofessional Education Program
An approach to conducting health science research that starts with the community identifying the priority health issues to be addressed and engages the community in all phases of research from conceptualizing the research agenda to research planning, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of findings, with the ultimate goal to reduce health disparities.
Published in Chapter:
Using a Community-Based Collaborative Care Model as a Platform for Successful Interprofessional Education
Jannette Berkley-Patton (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA), Carole Bowe Thompson (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA), Katherine G. Ervie (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA), Miranda Huffman (Meharry Medical College, USA), and Nia R. Johnson (Saint Louis University, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 26
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3066-5.ch009
Diabetes is a growing public health epidemic in the U.S. African Americans are particularly at-risk for diabetes with rates twice as high as whites. Health professionals are recommended to encourage their at-risk patients to participate in evidence-based lifestyle change programs, such as CDC's National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and support their weight loss efforts. This chapter describes feasibility/outcomes of a community-based collaborative care model used to implement a weekly-group DPP facilitated by interprofessional teams of medical school students with three African American churches (N=72 participants; 93% overweight/obese). At 12-weeks, 30% of participants had lost at least 5 lbs.; among those attending at least nine sessions, 55% achieved at least 3% weight loss. Findings suggest interprofessional student teams can feasibly partner with churches to deliver the DPP and achieve weight-loss outcomes associated with reducing diabetes risk. Future research is needed to determine scalability/costs of using community-based collaborative care student models to address diabetes.
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More Results
Interweaving Narrative Methods Into a Mandala of Transformational Practices
A form of participatory research that integrates community members in a participatory research process.
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Anti-Racist and Intersectional Approaches in Social Science and Community-Based Research
A methodology that incorporates a collaborative, reciprocal, and non-hierarchical process to conducting research, which could involve quantitative or qualitative methods.
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Developing an Intergroup Communication Intervention Curriculum: Enhancing Workforce Skills Across Generations
A collaborative investigation where community participants are as involved in the research process as the scientist(s).
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Participatory Design for Under-Represented Communities: A Collaborative Design-Led Research Approach for Place-Making
Collaborative approach which combines systematic inquiry, community-based participation and action in the design process to address a certain problem.
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