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What is Verbal Persuasion

Handbook of Research on Global Education and the Impact of Institutional Policies on Educational Technologies
Verbal persuasion is associated with mentoring, feedback, and providing encouragement to help individuals achieve their goals. It is important that individuals have a trusting connection with the person providing the verbal persuasion (Clark & Newberry, 2019).
Published in Chapter:
Using Digital Technologies to Remotely Observe and Mentor Teachers: Lessons From the Field and Policy Implications
Tori Hollas (Sam Houston State University, USA), Mae Lane (Sam Houston State University, USA), Jaime Coyne (Sam Houston State University, USA), and Christina Ellis (Sam Houston State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8193-3.ch004
Using digital technologies to remotely observe and mentor teachers is a relatively new practice. Thus, many states, schools, and districts do not have policies in place that explicitly allow this practice, and, in some instances, policies are in place that explicitly prohibit the use of these technologies. This chapter provides an analysis of the traditional approach to mentorship, support, and feedback, and highlights new challenges with in-person mentorship, support, and feedback amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As with many aspects of current newly adapted world, the teaching profession has become increasingly reliant on using digital technologies to remotely observe and mentor teachers. The chapter provides a literature review of best practices in observation, mentorship, and feedback. It also shows that limited data are available to facilitate the use of digital technologies and provide novice and in-service teacher support in order to allow for a positive novice teacher induction experience.
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More Results
Perceptions of Teacher Education Candidates to Digital and Learning Technologies
Act to telling or convincing a person to perform a task or action to change a behavior or put into action a set of events to achieve an objective.
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Virtual Ancillary Faculty: A Model of Support to Avoid Burnout and Foster Self-Efficacy
As one factor of self-efficacy, this is credible feedback used to communicate goals and expectations.
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Flipping Statistics Education: Building Research Self-Efficacy Using Guided Project-Based Learning
A source of research self-efficacy in which one is persuaded through explanation and feedback that conducting quality research is possible.
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