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What is Mainstream

The Role of Language and Symbols in Promotional Strategies and Marketing Schemes
The vast majority of a certain society which does not have any particular or niche tastes; here, the opposite of Goth.
Published in Chapter:
Using the Gothic as a Marketing Tool: Fashioning Dark Dolls for Little Girls
Anda Dimitriu (University of Bucharest, Romania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5778-4.ch012
In the highly competitive contemporary world of children's toys, one type of doll has risen to the top almost a decade ago and has redefined through its popularity, the very image of modern dolls. Mattel's Monster High collection represents a success from various points of view, but what constitutes perhaps the most interesting aspect to be analyzed is the role which a concept as elusive and heterogeneous as the Gothic has played in the marketing scheme of these toys. Traditionally associated with fear and horror, the Gothic has undergone a paradigm shift and splintered in various distinct, if not contradictory forms, allowing the concept of the monster to be reinterpreted by the creators of Monster High. Thus, this chapter will first focus on the theoretical premises of the contemporary Gothic as part of a marketing strategy and then it will apply it on the marketing campaign of Monster High dolls.
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Gender Mainstreaming in Development
The principal, dominant ideas, attitudes, practices or trends. It is where choices are considered and decisions are made that affect economic, social, and political options. It is where things happen.
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Enacting a Raciolinguistic Perspective for the “New Mainstream” in Literacy Classrooms
Generally used to refer the majority of school-aged students; in actuality, it is a gloss for white, middle-class, English-speaking students without “special needs”. It is often treated as the homogenous “default” in teaching, from which everyone else is considered a deviation from this norm.
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Return of Fandom in the Digital Age With the Rise of Social Media
Mainstream is the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts. Mainstream culture is the culture that is held by or seems the most “normal” to a large amount of people that live in a society. It includes all popular culture and media culture, typically disseminated by mass media. It is to be distinguished from subcultures and countercultures, and at the opposite extreme are cult followings and fringe theories.
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Critical Race Theory for Speech-Language Pathology: How Race-Conscious Practice Mitigates Disparities
Refers to the dominant group in a society whose cultural norms and practices are assumed to be universal and expected to be adopted by other groups in order to fully participate in that society (i.e., assimilation). In the case of the US, the mainstream group is white monolingual Mainstream American English speakers in the upper and middle classes.
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