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What is Virtual Agents

Bridging the Gap Between AI, Cognitive Science, and Narratology With Narrative Generation
An artificially intelligent software object programmed with an emotion model with the intent of teaching or assisting a user complete a task or learn a process.
Published in Chapter:
Multi-Disciplinary Paths to Actor-Centric Non-Player Character Emotion Models
Sheldon Schiffer (Georgia State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4864-6.ch002
Video game non-player characters (NPCs) are a type of agent that often inherits emotion models and functions from ancestor virtual agents. Few emotion models have been designed for NPCs explicitly, and therefore do not approach the expressive possibilities available to live-action performing actors nor hand-crafted animated characters. With distinct perspectives on emotion generation from multiple fields within narratology and computational cognitive psychology, the architecture of NPC emotion systems can reflect the theories and practices of performing artists. This chapter argues that the deployment of virtual agent emotion models applied to NPCs can constrain the performative aesthetic properties of NPCs. An actor-centric emotion model can accommodate creative processes for actors and may reveal what features emotion model architectures should have that are most useful for contemporary game production of photorealistic NPCs that achieve cinematic acting styles and robust narrative design.
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Experiential Learning in the Myself Project
Autonomous personal agents characterized by a visible presence in the user interface, designed to facilitate learning in computer-based environments (Baylor, 1999; Johnson et al., 2000; Moreno, 2005).
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Designing Virtual Agents for Simulation-Based Learning in Virtual Reality
Computerize agents that can interact with the virtual environment and other avatars and agents to fulfill predefined operations or tasks.
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Multi-User Virtual Environments for Teaching and Learning
A program, often represented as a person or animal, whose automated interactions provide the semblance dialogue.
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Towards Culturally-Aware Virtual Agent Systems
Virtual Agents are computer controlled virtual characters that interact verbally and nonverbally.
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