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What is Virtual Immersion

Driving Transformative Change in E-Business Through Applied Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
The sense of immersion in the any type of environment that is accompanied by the ingredients of play, enjoyment, and concentration leads individuals to experience the state of flow. This state was defined as absolute absorption in an action.
Published in Chapter:
Virtual Reality Technology: A New Perceptional Array in E-Business
Asieh Amini (Research and Development Department, Hamta Group, Hamta Business Solution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia) and Hamed Taherdoost (University Canada West, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5235-6.ch009
Digital technologies of virtual reality (VR) are swiftly immersed into the material associations area and inflating it with novel means of fulfilling business goals. The higher intricacy of managing various and fast-advancement business models might lead innovators in applying highly developed technologies such as VR. It refers to technologies in scripting the perceived reality. Considering the advancement of VR technology, several business sectors have initiated to wake up to the probable use of VR. Scrutinizing the historical background and application results, it turned out that VR applications are an efficacious and motivation enhancing alternative to typical tools in business process amelioration. This chapter fills the literature niche by discussing the implications and suggesting future lines of research in lending a hand to organizations to promote their business activity by applying VR technologies.
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“Conceptual Reverse Engineering” of Online Learning Objects and Sequences for Practical Applications
The act or practice of spending time in 3D virtual immersive worlds for learning (simulations, foreign language practice) and socializing.
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The Place of Virtual Reality in E-Retail: Viable Shopping Environment or Just a Game
Immersion is one of the main characteristics of the online experience. A good level of technical immersion, which is obtained thanks to immersive technologies, can manage to partially or totally cut off the user's perception of his or her real environment so that he or she only perceives the stimuli of the virtual world.
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