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What is Consumer Perception

Using Influencer Marketing as a Digital Business Strategy
Cognitive process through which consumers acquire, interpret and organize the information received based on previous impressions and evaluations that influence their decisions and purchasing behavior.
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Virtual Influencers: The Irruption of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Influencers
Mario Sierra Martin (Universidad de Málaga, Spain), Alvaro Díaz Casquero (Universidad de Málaga, Spain), Marina Sánchez Pérez (Universidad de Málaga, Spain), and Bárbara Rando Rodríguez (Universidad de Málaga, Spain)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0551-5.ch005
The digital revolution has fueled the rise of influencers who shape opinions and behaviors online. However, the arrival of virtual influencers, avatars generated by artificial intelligence, is transforming advertising. These avatars, like Lil Miquela, are run by brands and agencies, offer customization and flexibility, and pose fewer ethical risks. Although they are not always as effective as humans, they can be valuable in rational campaigns. In a world where artificial intelligence is growing, these virtual influencers are emerging as a powerful tool in marketing. This chapter explores its importance and evolution in society and marketing.
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Food Loss and Waste: A Sustainable Supply Chain Perspective
Consumers’ awareness of, impressions and opinions about a product, brand, and business.
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Consumer Perception of Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems: A Netnographic Case Study of Amazon
The way that consumers view, understand, interpret, and organize information about products, brands, companies, or marketing messages to form impressions. Influences purchase behavior.
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Consumer Perception of Brand Repositioning Through Benefit Diversification and Intensity of Use: The Case of Pedras
Consumers’ brains make a connection between different concepts and information they have absorbed, creating a schema, and if the information from the outside is not remotely aligned with their current schema, it will be automatically rejected by the consumer ( O’Donnell & Brown, 2011 ). This is a result of selective perception, where in the presence of several alternatives of products or services, the consumer will only focus on the perceived alternatives conveyed by the message being communicated, and thus to fit their needs and interests. Nonetheless, if this information is utterly in accordance with the schema, the lack of new information will not spark the consumer’s consideration. Therefore, the conclusion to withdraw from this information is that the messages communicated should not be disruptive in comparison to the schema the consumer has already formulated, but they should have added value to create the necessary attention to be able to influence new behaviors ( O’Donnell & Brown, 2011 ).
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Consumer Perception of Purchasing Organic Foods: A Case Study of Online Consumer Behavior
Consumer's awareness or consciousness about organic foods. It is typically affected by environmental and health concerns, pricing, availability, knowledge, and certification.
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Augmented Reality and Mobile Consumers: Mining Reviews of AR Applications for Consumer Perceptions
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