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What is Weak AI

Handbook of Research on Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Business and Industry
AI type that analyzes large amounts of data and can be trained to solve specific problems. They are powerful in their specifically trained area but not as flexible as human intelligence in other areas.
Published in Chapter:
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: A Review of Consumer-AI Interactions
Özge Sığırcı (Kırklareli University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6985-6.ch016
The purpose of this chapter is to shed light on the consumer-AI interaction in the marketplace. By this aim, the chapter uses a literature review approach. The previous literature examining AI from a consumer behavior perspective is reviewed, and the findings are compiled in a meaningful flow. According to the review, we see that the traditional marketplace is shaped by AI from only human-to-human interactions to human-to-AI and AI-to-AI interactions. In this new marketplace, while consumers interact with AI, they gain new experiences and feel positive or negative because of these experiences. Also, they build different relationships with AI, such as servant, master, or partner. Besides these relationships, there are still concerns about AI that are related to privacy, algorithmic biases, consumer vulnerability, unemployment, and ethical decision making.
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Professionally Ethical Ways to Harness an Art-Making Generative AI to Support Innovative Instructional Design Work
An artificial intelligence program designed for a dedicated purpose to solve particular dedicated challenges (vs. AI that focuses on the emulation of general human intelligence).
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Toward the 4th Agenda 2030 Goal: AI Support to Executive Functions for Inclusions
Also called narrow AI, this is a model that has a set range of skills and focuses on one particular set of tasks. Most AI currently in use is weak AI, unable to learn or perform tasks outside of its specialist skill set.
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History of Artificial Intelligence
Refers to software to study or solve problems and reasoning tasks that do not need the full range of human cognitive abilities.
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Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Personalization at Scale
AI technologies that involve learning in a narrow domain of knowledge. Such technologies can only be applied within a specific field as experts in an area.
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Methods and Techniques of Data Mining
Also kwon as Narrow AI is AI aimed as a particular task.
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