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What is Web Metrics

Handbook of Research on the Future of Advertising and Brands in the New Entertainment Landscape
Quantitative measure that allows us to know the status, component or process of a Web site, for a given attribute or parameter.
Published in Chapter:
Identification of Tools for Measuring Branded Content: A Proposal for Evaluating Its Effectiveness
María Rodríguez-Rabadán (International University of La Rioja, Spain), Cristina del Pino-Romero (University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain), and Helena Galán-Fajardo (University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3971-5.ch014
Research on the study of the effectiveness of branded content actions shows that the reference data to draw up projections of results are neither standardized nor homogeneous. This is one of the main barriers that brands encounter when undertaking content creation actions: the mechanisms to measure their effectiveness. The aim of this chapter is to analyze what tools exist in the market to measure branded content, establishing a comparison between them that, in turn, can be used as a basis for the creation of a standard and homogeneous results measurement system. All this with the final intention of measuring the real effectiveness of branded content.
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Tips for Tracking Web Information Seeking Behavior
Pertains to the measures by which to assess a person’s Web information seeking behavior or to assess and monitor activity on a Website. Examples of commonly used Web metrics include page views, page transitions, and session times.
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Uses, Limitations, and Trends in Web Analytics
A generic term for the many types of measurements that can be made about a Website and its visitors.
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