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What is Managerialism

Cases on Critical Practices for Modern and Future Human Resources Management
Also called ‘new managerialism’ and ‘new public management’, can be referred to as a wide spectrum of “objective techniques” for managing the selection, motivation and promotion of employees. It is more concerned with imparting the command and control concepts of management.
Published in Chapter:
Whither Bir Zeit University?
Anton Sabella (Birzeit University, Palestine)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5820-1.ch009
Since its founding under the Israeli occupation, Bir Zeit University has been the catalyst for educating the Palestinian ‘generations of occupation'. Its mission was to empower those who were bereft of their basic human rights and to reclaim and develop the Palestinian national identity by resisting the stultification of Palestinian youth. Following the Oslo Accords, Bir Zeit University has experienced several important developments, namely exponential growth in enrolment, unnecessary programmatic expansion, introduction of super-size classes, and irresponsible staffing decisions. Against this background and a growing financial crisis, this case study examined how managerialism has succeeded in subduing Bir Zeit University to its syllabus, specifically how cultural and structural changes have led to compromising the work conditions and relationships of faculty members. Hence, this case study bids the question—Whither Bir Zeit University?—to those who care to question the present state of affairs as well as anyone ready to search for answers.
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Avoiding “Beige Cubicle Hell”: Emotions and Work-Life Spillover Among Adventure Workers
An ideology and social structure in organizations that privileges rationality over emotionality to achieve corporate and managerial values; characterized by control of employees’ emotion.
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Women in Global Professional Services Firms: The End of the Gentlemen's Club?
Belief in or reliance on professional managers and the concepts and methods they use; Application of managerial and business techniques and methods to the running of other organizations, such as professional partnerships.
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Understanding Private and Public Partnerships
A terms used to describe professional managers and their methods and lexicon.
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Bipolar Tension and Employee Relations Challenge at a Higher Education Institution
An ideology that awards high trust and legitimacy to professional managers as the formal body that can exhibit effective management under the various organizational settings. Such an ideology emerged in the corporate sector and is now transcending to other organizational forms such as the public and civil organizations in the form of 'New Managerialism'.
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