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What is Virtual Simulation

Recent Advances in Applying Identity and Society Awareness to Virtual Learning
The use of 3D objects and environments to create immersive and engaging learning experiences.
Published in Chapter:
Who Am I as a Healthcare Provider?: Identity and Transformative Learning in Virtual Environments
Rachel Umoren (University of Washington, USA) and Natalia Rybas (Indiana University East, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9679-0.ch009
The U.S. healthcare delivery system relies on the formation of ad hoc teams of experienced, highly trained providers of various specialties. The providers work in interprofessional teams that converge to address situations around acute patient care. Various models of virtual training provide structured opportunities for interprofessional education, whereby learners engage with roles and responsibilities essential for their professions and active collaboration with other team members. This learning is transformative as it influences the development of professional identity and teamwork skills needed for successful collaborative practice in interprofessional teams. This chapter explores the role of training healthcare professional students using virtual simulations and the emerging potential of virtual and augmented reality for health professional education.
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The Revolution of Education Accelerated as a Consequence of the Pandemic
Learning technique in which a student, through a screen and 3D objects, can practice skills and knowledge in an artificial environment to reproduce real health care situations.
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Isocenter Verification in Radiotherapy Clinical Practice Using Virtual Simulation: An Image Registration Approach
Delineation of the tumor volume and the radiosensitive normal tissue and visualization of the field apertures using CT dataset.
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Using Simulation in Radiographic Science Education
The use of technology to enhance, augment, or replace real-life simulation.
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Strategic Leadership Competency Development
A simulation that takes place in a virtual environment.
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Unraveling Power Dynamics in Communities of Practice
Refers to the process by which a certain aspect of reality is simulated in an virtual world/environment in such a way that participants can explore it and perform tests on that aspect as this it would be in the real world.
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