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What is Wisdom

Handbook of Research on Teaching Ethics in Business and Management Education
Knowledge used wisely.
Published in Chapter:
Management Education for Developing Spiritual Integrity
Kathryn Pavlovich (University of Waikato Management School, New Zealand)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-510-6.ch006
This chapter explores the interface between spirituality and integrity, and focuses particularly on educational processes that may facilitate this development. First, definitions and constructs of integrity are discussed as they relate to spirituality. The second section explores teaching pedagogies related to processes for developing one’s inner leadership. Such processes facilitate the dissolution of subject-object, and open the way for an awareness that goes beyond our ‘small selves’ for more ethical and sustainable futures to be imagined. The third part of this chapter explores outcomes for students with examples of teaching pedagogies presented regarding how students may connect with something far deeper than their ‘small selves’. Finally, the chapter concludes with a discussion on organisational and managerial implications of spiritual integrity, through both practical and theoretical insights. These include leadership as being ethical and authentic; a more meaningful sense of personal, organisational and societal purpose; and finally developing a deeper awareness of stewardship of the earth.
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Development Trends of Information Systems
The highest level of the semantic ladder. Wisdom involves right judgement based on knowledge.
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Supporting Workforce Wisdom in a Global Economy
A uniquely human quality demonstrated through an ability to apply introspection, experience, and sound judgment in conjunction with available data, information, and knowledge to create a course of action leading to beneficial and productive decisions for both individuals and society.
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Opportunities and Opportunity Cost in Preparing Millennium Teachers
The organic application of information and knowledge to human dilemmas and desires. Wisdom is a quality of thought that ties us to the cultural heritage and gives us the ability to find and build the moral framework upon which human life is defined and within which meaning resides.
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Big Data, Semantics, and Policy-Making: How Can Data Dynamics Lead to Wiser Governance?
Using moral-based evidences to inform reasoning while espousing a moral lens towards making wise judgment.
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Developing Biomedical Applications in the Framework of EELA
Wide in Silico Docking of Malaria is the proposition of new inhibitors by means of periodic Data-Challenges and further analysis
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Philosophy in the Knowledge Structure Pyramid: Knowledge Elicitation and Management
The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting, insight.
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Communication, Information, and Pragmatics
The capacity to choose objectives consistent with one’s values and within a social context.
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