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What is Word Cloud

Natural Language Processing for Global and Local Business
It represents a plotted distribution of the number of words in a given text. Words that occur more frequently appear more significant in the visualization.
Published in Chapter:
The Use of Natural Language Processing for Market Orientation on Rare Diseases
Matthias Hölscher (Institute for IT Management and Digitization, FOM University, Germany) and Rudiger Buchkremer (Institute for IT Management and Digitization, FOM University, Germany)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4240-8.ch010
Rare diseases in their entirety have a substantial impact on the healthcare market, as they affect a large number of patients worldwide. Governments provide financial support for diagnosis and treatment. Market orientation is crucial for any market participant to achieve business profitability. However, the market for rare diseases is opaque. The authors compare results from search engines and healthcare databases utilizing natural language processing. The approach starts with an information retrieval process, applying the MeSH thesaurus. The results are prioritized and visualized, using word clouds. In total, the chapter is about the examination of 30 rare diseases and about 500,000 search results in the databases Pubmed, FindZebra, and the search engine Google. The authors compare their results to the search for common diseases. The authors conclude that FindZebra and Google provide relatively good results for the evaluation of therapies and diagnoses. However, the quantity of the findings from professional databases such as Pubmed remains unsurpassed.
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What Are Basketball Fans Saying on Twitter?: Evidence From Euroleague Basketball's Final Four Event
An image composed of words used in a particular text or subject in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance.
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A Text Mining Analysis of Faculty Reflective Narratives on Their Participation in the TeachTech Program at The University of Texas at El Paso: Implications for Integrating IT Technologies Into College Pedagogy
A text visualization technique that is used to graphical represent the importance of a word or a key phrase on the basis of their importance in relation to the whole corpus. A larger image of a specific word or phrase denotes its relative importance among the documents in the corpus.
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Online Educational Video Recommendation System Analysis
A visual representation of text data and keywords in a particular corpus.
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