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What is Zoonotic

Handbook of Research on Cyber Approaches to Public Administration and Social Policy
The ability of an animal disease to affect humans.
Published in Chapter:
What a Modern Cyber Messaging War Looks Like: The Peculiar Case of Vaccine Reluctance in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Apparent U.S. Government Policy
Shalin Hai-Jew (Hutchinson Community College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3380-5.ch016
One of the strongest tools in a government's arsenal involves its relationship to information: how it collects it, who it collects it from, how it vets it, and then how it shapes and distributes it. This is especially so in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a moment with precious effective vaccines available and a sub-population of U.S. citizens unwilling to be vaccinated in a liberal democracy where the “consent of the governed” is core. This work explores the affordances and constraints of the United States government (USG) in reaching out to the “late majority” and “laggards” to acquire vaccines that would protect their own lives and health and those of the peoples around them (from the many variants of SARS-CoV-2) in a time when children themselves are not vaccinated (while awaiting research and government approval for such interventions and proper dosages). This also explores, from the cross-cultural etic perspective, the strategies and tactics of the USG in this cyber messaging war based on a review of the journalistic literature.
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Hepatitis E: Overview and Management in Namibia
Diseases is an infectious disease caused by a pathogen (an infectious agent, such as a bacterium, virus, parasite or prion) that has jumped from a non-human animal (usually a vertebrate) to a human (CDC, 2014).
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Training, Tests, and Tech: Deployment of Diagnostic Tools for Biosecurity
A disease capable of being transmitted between animals and humans, in either direction.
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Improving Computational Models and Practices: Scenario Testing and Forecasting the Spread of Infectious Disease
A disease primarily of non-human animals but capable of being transmitted to, and sometimes between, humans.
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