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InfoSci®-OnDemand, the premier source for quality research studies, is the most comprehensive collection of full-text literature in applied technology research. It allows the user to narrow each search by identifying areas of research and interest, displaying a complete listing of relevant results, enabling the user to purchase articles specific to his or her research.

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    Over 113,700 journal articles, book chapters, and case studies. All content is downloadable in PDF format and can be stored locally for future use.
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    One time fee of $37.50 per PDF download.
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Key Features

Individual Research Articles Available When and Where You Need Them:
  • Comprehensive Pay-Per-View Service
  • 113,700+ Research Articles
  • Written by Prominent International Experts/Scholars
  • Precise Search and Retrieval
  • Updated With New Articles on a Daily Basis
  • Immediate Access to Full-Text PDFs
  • No Subscription Needed
  • Purchased Research Can Be Stored Locally for Future Use

Materials Available From All IGI Global Research Content:
  • Book Chapters
  • Reference Materials
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Journal Articles
  • Teaching Cases


The testimonial statements below have been provided by librarians, IS/IT researchers and university professors who have thoroughly reviewed InfoSci®-OnDemand.

"I have accessed the database and find it to be a valuable tool to the IT/IS community. I found valuable articles meeting my search criteria 95% of the time."
- Lynda Louis, Xavier University of Louisiana, USA

"A major strength of the database is a common repository of these publications that hasn't existed before this time. Previously, there was no way to access this information without subscribing to all the journals, buying all the books, and obtaining conference proceedings. As a result, many important articles have not been cited as relevant research in other publications. More importantly, collaborative opportunities have been lost because of the lack of information dissemination. I think that students would be able to obtain timely and critical information to research projects, especially at the PhD and Masters level of study. The search mechanism is very easy to use, and as such, many different searches can be done in a relatively short time period. As a result, a student (and researcher) will be able to conduct a broad review of current and past research in a particular area. The timeliness of information is improved because publications can be made accessible before the paper copy is received in the mail. In the past, one had to wait for the distribution of journals to gain access to them (in a library setting, or university distribution center this may take longer than one would think). The online system means access to information anywhere and at any time. This is critical for many researchers who are working at home, in the office, or perhaps even abroad."
- Shirley A. Becker, PhD, Northern Arizona University

"It is an excellent and well designed database which will facilitate research, publication and teaching. It is very very useful tool to have."
- George Ditsa, PhD, University of Wollongong, Australia

"This database is excellent for locating a wide range of documents which will be of use to me and my students."
- Susan Myburgh, PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

"Book chapters, journal articles, teaching cases and proceedings papers are available with a single mouse click…had I had this database available during my graduate student days, research would have been a lot less laborious."
- James A Rodger, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA

"Superior search tips make this one of the easiest research tools for the beginning student."
- Judi Copler, MLS, Board of HealthInfoSys and ADvantage Ventures, USA

"It's really provides an excellent entry into the research literature of the field. It presents a manageable number of highly relevant sources on topics of interest to a wide range of researchers. The sources are scholarly, but also accessible to 'practitioners'."
- Lisa Stimatz, MLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

"There are few databases specifically designed to enhance the research and professional development opportunities of academic librarians. This database would enable librarians to keep up with the research trends and developments in information technology and related subjects."
- Mary Reddick, California State University, Sacramento, USA

Purchasing Options

InfoSci®-OnDemand's powerful search engine provides users with search results that include descriptive abstracts and complete bibliographic information from every entry. Built for individual use by researchers who wish to immediately download PDFs of individual articles, research can be purchased for $37.50 for each chapter or article and stored locally for future use.

For questions about InfoSci®-OnDemand, please contact or (717) 533-8845 ext. 100.