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Services IGI Global is Offering In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
As Part of Our Efforts to Assist Librarian Customers with More Easily and Affordably Obtaining Titles in Electronic Format, IGI Global is Now Offering a 50% Discount on All E-Books and E-Journals Ordered Through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore*

To support libraries in providing their patrons with access to critical online resources, IGI Global is offering a 50% discount on perpetual access to e-books and e-journals. This opportunity is ideal to convert previously acquired print holdings to electronic format at a 50% discount and to obtain other needed titles in e-format. This enables institutions to seamlessly transition into online-only environments and aids in the continuation of knowledge and discovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As accessibility to online resources is of critical importance during the current pandemic protocol, IGI Global will assist in converting your previously acquired IGI Global print holdings to electronic formats directly through our InfoSci® platform, ProQuest's EBook Central®, or EBSCOhost. To take advantage of this offer, send us a list of IGI Global publications you would like to convert, and we'll provide a 50% discount off the electronic version list price and promptly facilitate the set-up and access.

You may also contact your preferred platform representative to request print to electronic conversions.

*The 50% discount is offered for all e-books and e-journals purchased on IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. E-books and e-journals are hosted on IGI Global’s InfoSci® platform and available for PDF and/or ePUB download on a perpetual or subscription basis. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer.
Offer expires June 30, 2020.


IGI Global’s InfoSci®-OnDemand and InfoSci®-OnDemand Plus, the premier sources for quality research studies, are the most comprehensive collections of full-text literature in applied research. They allow the user to narrow each search by identifying areas of research and interest, displaying a complete listing of relevant results, and enabling the user to purchase articles specific to his or her research.


Individual Research Articles Available When and Where You Need Them. With access to over 125,000+ journal articles, book chapters, and case studies, individuals are able to purchase each piece of content for a one-time fee of $37.50 per PDF download. The content can be instantly downloaded after order completion and can be stored locally for future use.

InfoSci-OnDemand Plus

A Subscription-Based Service, Providing Researchers With the Ability to Search Across a Massive Collection of Peer-Reviewed Content. Encompassing 100,000+ research-focused book chapters and over 27,000+ scholarly journal articles, all content is sourced from IGI Global’s growing portfolio of books and journals and is available through five simple subscription models.

Powered by the widely recognized InfoSci® platform, subscribers can enjoy exclusive benefits including full-text PDF and HTML format, no embargo of content (research is available months in advance of print release), advanced filtering options, a multi-lingual user interface, formatted citations with the ability to export to RefWorks and EasyBib, and virtually no DRM.


The testimonial statements below have been provided by librarians, researchers, and university professors who have thoroughly reviewed InfoSci®-OnDemand.

"I have accessed the database and find it to be a valuable tool to the IT/IS community. I found valuable articles meeting my search criteria 95% of the time."

- Lynda Louis, Xavier University of Louisiana, USA

"A major strength of the database is a common repository of these publications that hasn't existed before this time. Previously, there was no way to access this information without subscribing to all the journals, buying all the books, and obtaining conference proceedings. As a result, many important articles have not been cited as relevant research in other publications. More importantly, collaborative opportunities have been lost because of the lack of information dissemination. I think that students would be able to obtain timely and critical information to research projects, especially at the PhD and Masters level of study. The search mechanism is very easy to use, and as such, many different searches can be done in a relatively short time period. "

- Shirley A. Becker, PhD, Northern Arizona University, USA

"It is an excellent and well-designed database which will facilitate research, publication and teaching. It is a very useful tool to have."

- George Ditsa, PhD, University of Wollongong, Australia

"This database is excellent for locating a wide range of documents which will be of use to me and my students."

- Susan Myburgh, PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

"Book chapters, journal articles, teaching cases and proceedings papers are available with a single mouse click…had I had this database available during my graduate student days, research would have been a lot less laborious."

- James A Rodger, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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For questions about InfoSci®-OnDemand or InfoSci-OnDemand Plus, please contact or (717) 533-8845 ext. 100.