Edited References

About the Collection

Edited References are one of the most popular publication formats. These well-established titles feature previously unpublished, peer-reviewed scholarly chapters that are contributed by a variety of experts from around the world. Similar to Authored References in their concise discussions of the latest models and concepts within a specific area, Edited References utilize a more collaborative approach and include contributing authors with varying backgrounds and experience. These projects are led by one or a team of esteemed editors and include at least 15 chapters of descriptive and progressive research.

Providing thorough descriptions detailing the latest innovative and trending content, these collaborative publications accommodate the research needs of academicians, professionals, and practitioners, and are suitable supplements for graduate and undergraduate courses.

Edited Reference Publications:

Applications of Security, Mobile, Analytic, and Cloud (SMAC) Technologies for Effective Information Processing and Management
P. Karthikeyan (Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India), M. Thangavel (Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $215.00
From cloud computing to big data to mobile technologies, there is a vast supply of information being mined and collected. With an abundant amount of information bein...
Feature Dimension Reduction for Content-Based Image Identification
Rik Das (Xavier Institute of Social Service, India), Sourav De (Cooch Behar Government Engineering College, India), Siddhartha Bhattacharyya (RCC Institute of Information Technology, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $215.00
Image data has portrayed immense potential as a foundation of information for numerous applications. Recent trends in multimedia computing have witnessed a rapid gro...
Perspectives, Trends, and Applications in Corporate Finance and Accounting
Constantin Zopounidis (Technical University of Crete, Greece), Apostolos G. Christopoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece), Petros Kalantonis (Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Piraeus, Greece)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 315 pages. $215.00
Financial analyses, investments, and accounting practices are continually developing and improving areas that have seen significant advancements in the past century....
Organizational Culture and Behavioral Shifts in the Green Economy
Violeta Sima (Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 290 pages. $205.00
Business development in the contemporary world takes place in an economically, politically, and socially complex environment. Today, it is necessary to recognize the...
Vehicular Cloud Computing for Traffic Management and Systems
Jyoti Grover (Manipal University Jaipur, India), P. Vinod (SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, India), Chhagan Lal (Manipal University Jaipur, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 334 pages. $235.00
Road accidents caused by impaired and distracted driving as well as traffic congestion are on the rise, with the numbers increasing dramatically every day. Intellige...
Design and Development of Affordable Healthcare Technologies
Arindam Bit (National Institute of Technology, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 370 pages. $245.00
Technological advancements in the last few decades have significantly revolutionized the healthcare industry, resulting in life expectancy improvement in human being...
Optimization Techniques for Problem Solving in Uncertainty
Surafel Luleseged Tilahun (University of Zululand, South Africa), Jean Medard T. Ngnotchouye (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 330 pages. $195.00
When it comes to optimization techniques, in some cases, the available information from real models may not be enough to construct either a probability distribution...
Marketing Initiatives for Sustainable Educational Development
Purnendu Tripathi (Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia), Siran Mukerji (Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $185.00
Technology plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide and fostering sustainability in educational development. This is evident through the successful use of s...
Optimizing Health Literacy for Improved Clinical Practices
Vassilios E. Papalois (Imperial College, UK), Maria Theodospoulou (Imperial College, UK)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 300 pages. $235.00
Scientific evidence from different countries around the globe shows that those with low or inadequate health-related knowledge and skills include all ages, social, a...
Microfinance and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Development, Sustainability, and Inclusive Growth
Ramesh Chandra Das (Katwa College, India)
Release Date: June 2018. Copyright © 2018. 400 pages. $245.00
Microfinance is a broad variety of services, such as microcredit, for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and other financial services. As m...