Edited References

About the Collection

Edited References are one of the most popular publication formats. These well-established titles feature previously unpublished, peer-reviewed scholarly chapters that are contributed by a variety of experts from around the world. Similar to Authored References in their concise discussions of the latest models and concepts within a specific area, Edited References utilize a more collaborative approach and include contributing authors with varying backgrounds and experience. These projects are led by one or a team of esteemed editors and include at least 15 chapters of descriptive and progressive research.

Providing thorough descriptions detailing the latest innovative and trending content, these collaborative publications accommodate the research needs of academicians, professionals, and practitioners, and are suitable supplements for graduate and undergraduate courses.

Edited Reference Publications:

Technology-Assisted ESL Acquisition and Development for Nontraditional Learners
Seda Khadimally (University of Phoenix, USA)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 289 pages. $175.00
Creating technology-integrated learning environments for adolescent and adult language learners remains a challenge to educators in the field. Thoroughly examining a...
Sentiment Analysis and Knowledge Discovery in Contemporary Business
Dharmendra Singh Rajput (VIT University, India), Ramjeevan Singh Thakur (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India), S. Muzamil Basha (VIT University, India)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 336 pages. $215.00
In the era of social connectedness, people are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about interacting, sharing, and collaborating through online collaborative media. H...
Implicit Pedagogy for Optimized Learning in Contemporary Education
Jurka Lepičnik Vodopivec (University of Primorska, Slovenia), Lucija Jančec (Society “Our Children” Opatija, Croatia), Tina Štemberger (University of Primorska, Slovenia)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 297 pages. $175.00
In addition to the content prescribed by the official curriculum of any given educational establishment, students learn other information and skills outside of the i...
Medical Image Processing for Improved Clinical Diagnosis
A. Swarnambiga (Indian Institute of Technology, India)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 300 pages. $245.00
In the medical field, there is a constant need to improve professionals’ abilities to provide prompt and accurate diagnoses. The use of image and pattern recognizing...
Infocommunication Skills as a Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Tool for Inmates
Lídia Oliveira (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Daniela Graça (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 280 pages. $175.00
The prison population is a social group with a high level of digital divide. These individuals need to acquire digital skills for their future integration into socie...
Security Frameworks in Contemporary Electronic Government
Ryma Abassi (City of Communication Technologies, Tunisia), Aida Ben Chehida Douss (University of Carthage, Tunisia)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 290 pages. $195.00
Global change and advancing technology have transformed the government sector with the use of information and communication technology to improve service delivery. T...
The Rise of Fog Computing in the Digital Era
K.G. Srinivasa (CBP Government Engineering College, India), Pankaj Lathar (Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College, India), G.M. Siddesh (M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 295 pages. $215.00
With the immense growth of information, the prevalence of ubiquitously connected smart devices is rapidly increasing. Providing platforms that support computation, s...
Analyzing Human Behavior in Cyberspace
Zheng Yan (University at Albany - SUNY, USA)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 271 pages. $175.00
The rapid evolution of technology continuously changes the way people interact, work, and learn. By examining these advances from a sociological perspective, researc...
Diverse Learning Opportunities Through Technology-Based Curriculum Design
Demetrick Williams (Rowan University, USA), N. Nsombi Harkness (The Independence Center CNA School, USA)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 280 pages. $175.00
The infusion of technology into curriculum influences the methods and techniques used to educate the student population. By integrating effective technology in educa...
Advanced Online Education and Training Technologies
Maki Habib (The American University in Cairo, Egypt)
Release Date: August 2018. Copyright © 2019. 340 pages. $185.00
Technology plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide and enhancing student learning both in and outside of the classroom. This is possible thanks to the succ...