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Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

IGI Global’s Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences subject area take into consideration the need to further advance innovation through titles focused on education, ethics, service delivery, research methods, and administration and leadership. Healthcare professionals understand that having the right information at the critical moment is imperative. No major discovery or breakthrough, such as disease diagnosis and containment and/or drug discovery and delivery methods, could be possible without progressive research findings. Through critical findings and discussions surrounding successes, pitfalls, and future directions in a variety of fields, knowledge seekers will discover the latest concepts and theories utilized within all facets of the healthcare industry that will ultimately lead to more successful procedures and better healthcare delivery options.

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IGI Global offers a rich volume of content related to treatment, mitigation, and emergency and disaster preparedness surrounding epidemics and pandemics such as COVID-19. These titles provide a holistic view of this pandemic and feature topics including public health, vaccines and treatments, hospital management, emergency management, economics, online learning and workplaces, and more.

View the IGI Global titles related to COVID-19 that have been hand-curated by our Expert Editorial Team below. All of these titles are available in electronic format at a 20% discount making them ideal resources for online learning environments.


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