Journal Contents: International Journal of Aviation Technology, Engineering and Management (IJATEM)

Volume 1 (2011)
Issue 1
Article 1
Airport Enterprise Service Bus with Self-Healing Architecture (AESB-SH) (pages 1-13)
Issam Al Hadid (Isra University, Jordan)
Article 2
The Influence of Aviation Companies’ Perceived Websites Quality on E-Trust: An Exploratory Study (pages 14-29)
Abeer Hmoud Al-Faouri (Petra University, Jordan), Mohammed Mufaddy Al-Kasasbeh (Amman Arab University, Jordan)
Article 3
International Aeronautical Emission: EU Charge of Fees (pages 30-36)
Nauman Ehsan Hashmi (College of Aeronautical Engineering, Pakistan), Atif Manzoor (Center for Advance Studies in Engineering, Pakistan)
Article 4
Project Management Practices and Project Manager Traits as a Key to Successful Information Systems Implementation (pages 37-51)
Evon M.O. Abu-Taieh (Arab International University, Syria), Jeihan M. Abu-Tayeh (USAID, Jordan), Alia Abu-Tayeh (Jordan University, Jordan)
Article 5
Efficient Password Scheme Without Trusted Server (pages 52-57)
Sattar J. Aboud (Iraqi Council of Representatives, Iraq), Mohamed Alnuaimi (Middle East University for Graduate Studies, Jordan), Haidar S. Jabbar (Mansour University College, Iraq)
Article 6
Foundations of Airline Finance: Methodology and Practice (pages 58-60)
Evon M.O. Abu-Taieh (Arab International University, Syria)
Issue 2
Article 1
Designing for Human Factors in the Technology-Intensive Domain of Fighter Aircraft (pages 1-16)
Jens Alfredson (Saab Aeronautics, Linköping, Sweden), Rikard Andersson (Saab Aeronautics, Linköping, Sweden)
Article 2
Human Systems Integration: Design Engineering Concepts and Paradigms (pages 17-45)
Dujuan B. Sevillian (The Boeing Company, Chicago, IL, USA)
Article 3
NextGen Technologies Shape the Future of Aviation (pages 46-57)
Lori J. Brown (College of Aviation, Western Michigan University, Battle Creek, MI, USA)