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International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation (IJSTMI)

International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation (IJSTMI)

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Published: Semi-Annually |Established: 2011
ISSN: 2155-6350|EISSN: 2155-6369|DOI: 10.4018/IJSTMI
Out of print.
Description & Scope
The International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation (IJSTMI) offers a platform for a discussion on space business, innovation, and management. This journal discusses the advantages of space technology for economic growth (i.e. employment, technology innovation), new markets... Show More
Mission & Scope:
The mission of the International Journal of Space Technology Management and Innovation (IJSTMI) is to provide a forum to discuss the benefits of space technology for society, national economies, and industries and to investigate industrialization (commercialization) of space technologies, resulting in the development of new markets and applications (i.e. navigation, space tourism, solar power... Show More
  • Earth observation
  • Employment
  • Human Space Flight (HSF)
  • Institutional management and innovation
  • Interplanetary space exploration
  • IPR rights
  • Management initiatives
  • Medical devices and new drug development
  • Navigation
  • Osteoporosis therapies and drugs
  • Public private partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Small medium enterprise (SME) programs
  • Solar energy satellites
  • Space agencies industrial applications programs
  • Space agencies industrial policies
  • Space budgets
  • Space Debris
  • Space economics and management
  • Space food
  • Space industry market trends
  • Space markets and applications
  • Space ports
  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Space Tourism
  • Sub-orbital transportation vehicles
  • Technology innovation and its contribution to economic growth
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade export
Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Associate Editors
Gianluigi Baldesi, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Bruno Carvalho, SciSys, UK
Leopold Summerer, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Michel Van Pelt, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Arno Wielders, Space Horizon, The Netherlands

International Editorial Review Board
Vladimir Atanassov, College of William and Mary, USA
Edoardo Benzi, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
William Carey, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Norma Crosby, BIRA, Belgium
Ken Davidian, Office of Commercial Space Transportation - FAA, USA 
Eric Dean, Independent Consultant, UK
John Farrow, ISU, France
Marco Freire, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Patrizio Graziano, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Jessica Grenouilleau, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
David Greves, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Marco Guglielmi, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Jean-Paul Henry, Creactions, Belgium
Claire Jolly, OECD, France
Herve Joumier, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Todome Kazuhide, Independent Consultant, JAMSS, Japan
Jorg Kreisel, JKIC, Germany
Erik Laan, TNO, The Netherlands
Romina Leiboff, Wilson Associates, Luxembourg
Olivier Lemaitre, EUROSPACE, Belgium
Pierre Lionnet, EUROSPACE, France
Raffael Lorza, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Secure World Foundation, Belgium
Stefania Monni, TNO, The Netherlands
Jorge Amador Monteverde, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Helen Page, ESA - ESTEC, The Netherlands
Peter Sage, Space Energy AG, Switzerland
Silvio Sandrone, EADS Astrium, France
Stafano Scarda, EC, Belgium
Rogier Schonenborg, Schonenborg Space Engineering B.V., The Netherlands
Jozef Seghers, Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO), Belgium
Zoe Szajnfarber, George Washington University, USA
Alan Thirkettle, Independent Consultant, UK
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