Dr. Önder Çakırtaş receives the Outstanding Scholars Award due to his remarkable contributions to the academic community

Dr. Önder Çakırtaş Receives the Outstanding Scholars Award

By Elizabeth Leber on Jun 6, 2017
professional headshot of Dr. CakirtasDr. Önder Çakırtaş
In honor of Dr. Patricia Cranton's exemplary contributions and remarkable achievements in research, IGI Global is pleased to offer the Outstanding Scholars Program in her honor. The Outstanding Scholars Program will continue to recognize editors and authors of outstanding merit, encouraging discoverability and connecting researchers with the greater global community. Like Dr. Cranton, these scholars are the driving force behind modern academic inquiry and research innovation. By recognizing these individuals for their commendable work and effort, IGI Global seeks to continue in its mission of disseminating knowledge to the worldwide academic community.

Dr. Önder Çakırtaş, the latest recipient of this award, is contributing to academicians on a global scale in countless ways. Çakırtaş holds his Ph.D. from Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta (2015), and he specializes in Political Drama, Comparative Drama and Modern British Drama. Çakırtaş is the author of Politics and Drama (published by Apostolos Academic Publishing, London, UK, 2016) and the editor of Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature (published by IGI Global, Hershey, USA, 2017). Since 2012, he has published a series of articles on drama, dealing with both theory and practice, and he has also published articles and translations in various journals of literature. Çakırtaş is currently leading two book projects. The first is titled Literature and Psychology: Writing, Trauma and the Self. The second, coedited by Antolin C. Trinidad from Yale University, is titled Thé Politics of Traumatic Literature: Narrating Human Psyche and Memory. Both titles will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in early 2018. In addition to his leadership in various research and editorship roles, he is also currently teaching English Literature in the Department of English Language and Literature at Bingol University.
1.) Tell us about yourself. How did you become involved with IGI Global?

As a young academician, I was able to get acquainted with IGI Global while researching publishing houses that are renowned in the world for effective and quality work. I learned how successful IGI Global publishing house was as a result of interviews with them. I learned in the interviews that IGI Global publisher was not only a successful, self-sacrificing publisher but also a publishing house that protected the academic world at the same time. A huge team embraces you with huge laps! Through my work I have done with them, I have managed to get together with many important academicians from my own field in the world. I appreciate them for this reason! And IGI Global will be the first institution to think that I would like to work again with great enthusiasm again!

2.) Why do you choose IGI Global as your publisher?

Of course I have a lot of reasons to work with this publishing house. First, they are especially aware of how important the time is for an academic. For this reason, every question you ask is answered within minutes without exception. Second, they are very patient and persevering. Going to them at any moment of a problem with your work gives them satisfaction, not burden. Believe me, you feel it. And the third, which is most important to me, IGI Global team owns your work. It's like you're the creator of that work, and they're the protectors.

3.) How do you achieve success in regard to your publication? How do you increase the chances for positive reviews and indexing?

It is imperative to be able to integrate with the databases in order to reach the academic masses. For this reason, I communicate with various academic groups to get the right feedback and to encourage publication. I'm doing a general index search before creating my work. I know that if I want an effective and quality analysis of this, I have to follow the academic formations. To that end, I am sending a presentation of the work I have done, with the help of IGI Global, of course, to various libraries, university departments, academics who I see to be competent in the field for advice.

4.) What do you require from your title contributors to maintain and build your publication’s reputation?

The more important the book editor is, the more important the contributors are. Contributors are the most important people who ensure that a study reaches the masses. Therefore, first of all, I would like them to make a successful study with very efficient research and findings. If necessary, before the referees evaluate, I would suggest discussing them with several academics who are competent in the field. After the study has been approved and has become a part of the volume, I encourage them to make effective publicity in their academic and university circles. The conferences they have attended and signature days that they will organize are important references.

5.) How can other researchers maximize the exposure and increase the likelihood of indexing for their publications? What resources are required?

There are so many ways of providing it in the Internet age! The libraries can be contacted. Important areas can be discussed with academicians. The study can be announced at symposium, congress, conferences. It can be shared with the academic world through major media and broadcasting organs. Most importantly, the research can be promoted through field organizations, associations, civil organizations formed by academicians, scholars, students, and librarians among some others.

6.) Do you execute personal promotions to support your publications? What specifically?

I really enjoy doing this. I have a few academic affiliations that I am a member of. And there are dozens of academics waiting for my announcements that I will make! It's so fun to meet new names and read what they write! I attend international conventions and talk about my work at every opportunity. Without doubt, some people are curious about the book you produce!
A special thanks to Çakırtaş for his outstanding merit and innovative research. Receiving the Outstanding Scholars Award is an incredible achievement and deserves substantial recognition.

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