Carlos Nunes Silva discusses the events of the 2nd Annual IJEPR Conference

2nd Annual IJEPR Conference

By Colby Conway on May 26, 2017
Following the successful first IJEPR Conference in 2016, the 2nd IJEPR Annual Conference on ‘Urban e-Planning’ was held at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning in the University of Lisbon on April 20 and 21. Convened by Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva, Editor-in-Chief of IGI Global’s International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR), this conference confirmed the relevance and usefulness of an annual international meeting on this emerging and rapidly changing field.

“The main goal of the IJEPR Annual Conference is to provide a forum for the critical discussion of new perspectives, approaches, methods, and tools in the field of Urban e-Planning,” says Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva. “The IJEPR Annual Conference aims to explore and to discuss recent developments, emerging issues and future challenges in the field of urban e-planning across the world.”

journal cover image Participants in the conference were required to present a paper to the conference. A selection of these papers will be published in an upcoming issue of IJEPR in 2018.

“The 2nd IJEPR Conference had nearly 90 participants, a little over the number of last year,” says Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva.

Those at the conference, held at the Rectorate Building at Lisbon University's Main Campus, remained pretty busy. The work began at 8:30 in the morning, and lasted until the end of the afternoon. You can see the program here.

The program was organized around the following themes:
  • The Governance and Planning of Smart Cities
  • Citizens e-Participation & Community Engagement
  • Collaborative Urban Planning: Sharing, Hactivism and Social Criticism
  • The Inter-Relatedness of Real and Virtual in Urban e-Planning
“The final program included 63 papers effectively presented, written by nearly 150 authors from 22 countries, and was structured in 14 sessions, of which 1 plenary meeting and 13 parallel panels, besides the welcome and closing sessions,” explains Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva.

Are there plans in store for a 3rd Annual IJEPR Conference in 2018? There sure are.

“We plan to continue in 2018 the exploration of new perspectives, approaches, methods, and tools in the field of Urban e-Planning,” says Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva. “The next IJEPR Annual Conference will also continue to be a place for research networking in the broad field of Urban e-Planning.”

If you would like to see photos from the conference last month, please click here.

To stay current with the latest information about the 3rd Annual IJEPR Conference, monitor the conference’s website.
IGI Global would like to thank Dr. Carlos Nunes Silva for sharing this information about the IJEPR Conference.
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