Artificial Skin for a Variety of Applications

By IGI Global on Sep 24, 2010
You may not often hear the words "sensitive" and "robot" in the same sentence, but scientists are currently developing a sensitive artificial skin that could be used on robots, among a variety of other applications. Two similar types of this skin have been developed simultaneously by different groups. Both are made of small pressure sensors that sense changes in pressure and turn them into electrical signals. The sensors are built into or under flexible rubber sheets that can be stretched into different shapes. Each of the skins can register a large range of pressures in a tenth of a second, which closely rivals the response of human skin. The scientists working on these projects are developing the artificial skins for a variety of possible uses including sheathing artificial limbs, creating robots that can pick up and hold fragile objects, or improving tools for minimally-invasive surgeries. To learn more about each team's skin project visit

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