Research Accessibility and the DEIA Movement:

How Authors Can Contribute Pivotal Research and Support Equitable Opportunities

By Mikaela Felty on Dec 29, 2022
DEIA IGI Global is pleased to provide over 30 years of publishing excellence to the global academic community. In the present state of the world, we have found that research into diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) is urgently needed. DEIA research plays an integral part in advancing society and solving current everyday injustices. Researchers all over the world play a critical role in progressing findings that can have an extraordinary impact.
This impact can be found in applications of DEIA initiatives in organizations by industry policymakers, furthering research in the field, the free distribution of knowledge about marginalized communities that has not been shared before, and more. This field is so important to the world so that we may progress to a more equitable society.
Enhancing Accessibility to DEIA Research With Open Access
While DEIA research is important to all researchers, educators, and practitioners, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone has the ability to access this crucial research. Some researchers, especially those lacking institutional support, cannot access research under the current pricing of the publishing industry. Because of this, the publishing industry has begun an exciting metamorphosis: shifting from standard access to open access (OA). IGI Global is proud to be taking active efforts to follow this new shift in the industry, and, as of November 2022, IGI Global’s OA collection has reached over 3,500 papers.
While OA is most known for its application in academic journals in the publishing industry, OA research is now also emerging in academic book publishing. As an innovator in publishing, IGI Global released two Platinum Open Access books in 2022 (Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications and New Models of Higher Education: Unbundled, Rebundled, Customized, and DIY), and has begun the publication of its first Gold OA encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Sixth Edition.
Open Access Publications:
Handbook of Research on the Global View of Open Access and Scholarly Communications
Prof. Daniel Gelaw Alemneh (University of North Texas, USA)
ISBN: 9781799898054
EISBN: 9781799898078
New Models of Higher Education: Unbundled, Rebundled, Customized, and DIY
Profs. Aaron M. Brower (University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, USA & University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) and Ryan J. Specht-Boardman (University of Wisconsin Extended Campus, USA)
ISBN: 9781668438091
EISBN: 9781668438114
Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Sixth Edition
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A. (Founding Editor-in-Chief, Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ), USA)
ISBN: 9781668473665
EISBN: 9781668473672
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
Under standard access, research is only available through a paywall—excluding disadvantaged researchers. OA allows the work to be published and become freely accessible to all around the world no matter the economic standing. OA creates a free flow of knowledge throughout the research community and naturally creates representation in academia. By creating availability and accessibility to research, OA promotes a culture of academic inclusivity.
To learn more about open access, please visit our Open Access Publishing page, or view our Open Access Brochure.
Maximizing Accessibility to Previously Published Research
While authors can certainly explore new OA publishing opportunities to help ensure that their research is accessible to all, many may be wondering about missed chances with work that they have already published. IGI Global has sought to support authors who wish to maximize the accessibility of their previously published work by offering a Retrospective OA program.
This program allows authors to convert journal articles, book chapters, and even full book publications to OA at a discounted rate. The copyright of the work returns to the authors of the manuscript under the CC BY 4.0 license and opens greater sharing capabilities for authors who wish to maximize the visibility of their published work and support the DEIA movement.
Funding options for authors looking to pursue retrospective OA opportunities include:
Contributor Funding and Discount Options
Any IGI Global contributor who has earned royalties or honorariums on their projects can use the amount toward unlocking one or more of their previously published journal articles, book chapters, or full book publications. IGI Global contributors also receive an exclusive 20% open access processing charge discount that they may use on retrospective open access.
Consider crowdfunding the Article Processing Charge (APC), Chapter Processing Charge (CPC), or Book Processing Charge (BPC) with multiple funders such as institutions, national funding, self-funding (come together with other authors and editors – for edited books, instead of open access funding for the book being fully covered by a BPC, each chapter author pays the retrospective CPC for the conversion of their work), etc. to each contribute a portion of the funds (note for full book publications, crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or can be used).
Other Funding Options
  • Some open access funders provide provisions for authors to open their work retrospectively. For a list of OA funding organizations, please visit the Open Access Funding Resources page.
  • Utilize foundations/associations for retrospective open access funding coming from foundations with specialized and focused topic areas.
Authors looking to open past IGI Global book chapters or journal articles can view the discounted OA fee charts here. Authors and editors looking to convert their IGI Global full book projects can contact the Open Access Team at for a quote.
An Open Access Chapter in Building Competencies for Organizational Success: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Converting this chapter in the book, Building Competencies for Organizational Success: Emerging Research and Opportunities, to open access in this way was the most appropriate outlet to expose this work to a broader audience. My experience has been that this work has gotten into the hands of audiences from across the globe. This was only possible due to open access. Since open access to this chapter, I have had others consult with me about this work and I have consulted others about their work based on their access to my work. I encourage you to take advantage of the open access. The exposure this platform offers is phenomenal.

- Prof. Donta S. Harper (Argosy University, USA)
Inviting New, Pivotal DEIA Research
IGI Global is currently accepting both traditional and open access book proposals for the 2023 and 2024 copyright years within the realm of DEIA research. We encourage editors in the DEIA movement and beyond to consider contributing to this important area of research.

We invite publications that cover important topics including (but not limited to):
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Feminism
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Laws and Policies
  • LGBTQ+ Studies
  • Marginalized Communities
  • Racial Equity
  • Social Justice
  • And More
    If you are interested in proposing a book in the realm of DEIA, please submit a book proposal form; the Executive Editorial Board will then deliver a response to you in less than two weeks. If you are interested in proposing a book chapter or journal article instead, please visit the Publications Seeking Submissions page.
    If you have any questions about publishing with IGI Global, or if you would like to discuss your ideas with a representative, please contact us at
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