Book Aid International and IGI Global come together for a worthy cause

Book Aid International and IGI Global Make a Difference

By IGI Global on Feb 15, 2017
Book Aid International
It is evident that the ability to read and disseminate the knowledge contained in books can help reduce poverty and increase literacy rates. However, not everyone has access to these influential resources. Recognizing the profound importance a book can have in enhancing lives, Book Aid International has led the charge to identify parts of Africa that lack reading resources and support the development and growth of libraries in those areas.

In late 2015, a fire devastated Mzuzu University in Malawi. This catastrophic fire consumed not only the building, but also the entire book stock of around 45,000 volumes. With assistance from various individuals and publishers, including IGI Global, Book Aid International helped build a temporary library in order to continue educating the students and the community. IGI Global donated a total of 1,861 books to Book Aid International to help make a difference for those in the Malawi community. Please view and read the full story.

Overall, there was a grand total of 1,032,610 books sent to Book Aid International from 14 countries, benefitting 436,252 students, which is truly remarkable. Please read more stories to see how a simple donation can help other worthy causes.
About Book Aid International: Founded in 1954 by Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly, who recognized the power of books, Book Aid International understands the opportunities and pleasure reading allows everyone to experience to change their lives and enhance their futures. Their mission is to build partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa to provide resources and support an environment of lifelong learning. For more information, please visit
About IGI Global: Founded in 1988, IGI Global, headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania USA, is an international publisher of books, encyclopedias, journals, teaching cases, proceedings, and databases focusing on innovative technology research in the areas of: business, education, computer science, healthcare, library science, engineering, environmental science, government, and social sciences. IGI Global produces high-quality scholarly publications that provide academic librarians and the greater knowledge community with peer-reviewed research on emerging innovation in diverse fields. For more information, please visit
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