Carolina Consortium & IGI Global Collaborate on a Title Share Program for Fourth Year

By IGI Global on Mar 21, 2023
Carolina Consortium logo The Carolina Consortium is currently collaborating with IGI Global for a fourth consecutive year on an e-Book Title Share Agreement that is being offered to over 175+ institutions that are eligible to participate. Participating institutions may purchase e-books at a small multiplier, dependent upon the number of participants that choose to opt-in. They gain shared perpetual ownership of all titles purchased on behalf of the group. Individual invoicing with shared ownership are key to the equitable nature of this agreement.
Each eligible institution can receive free trial access to IGI Global’s entire portfolio of 7,300+ e-Books until May 17, 2023. Additionally, to assist in acquisitions decisions, interested institutions are provided with customized title lists as well as access to one-on-one support and individual analysis of their IGI Global holdings and faculty titles.
This e-Book Title Sharing Agreement enables libraries to provide their students and faculty with some of the most innovative research from all over the world on a variety of major subjects, including Business and Management; Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM); and Education.
“Libraries experience a great deal of budgetary instability and fluctuation from year-to-year. This book-sharing agreement offered voluntary participation among our members, and the collectively procured titles were then made available to the participants with a minimum purchase of just one title. That’s some real bang for the buck!”

-- Katherine Heilman, Electronic Resources Librarian & Assistant Professor University Libraries at UNC Greensboro & Carolina Consortium Negotiator, USA
Six Easy Steps for Institutions:
  1. Interested institutions can contact Brittany Haynes, Senior Director of e-Collections and Open Access Initiatives at, and they will be set up with free trial access (optional) to IGI Global’s e-Book Collection (7,300+ e-books) content from now through May 17, 2023.
  2. Once the trial has ended, IGI Global will provide a COUNTER 5 Usage Report to each institution that participated in the trial and is planning to purchase shared e-books on behalf of the group.
  3. At the conclusion of the trial period, the number of participating institutions is determined and a multiplier will be set at the end of the trial period (on May 19) to the retail price of the e-books acquired through the sharing agreement
  4. Carolina Consortium’s Management Team will pass around a title list of available IGI Global e-books, where institutions can select which e-books they plan to purchase for the group.
  5. Institutions will finalize e-book selections by May 26, 2023.
  6. Individual invoices and group access will be set up for all institutions and provided by June 7, 2023 (institutions requiring earlier invoice can contact Brittany Haynes at for additional details).
IGI Global e-Book Collection
Must-Have Features of IGI Global’s Digital Resources:
  • Instant, Multi-User Access with no DRM
  • Perpetual Access with PDF Download Option
  • COUNTER Reports and MARC Records
  • No Hosting, Archiving, or Maintenance Fees
  • No Embargo of Content
  • And More
If your institution is a member of the Carolina Consortium and you are interested in learning more about how to participate in this agreement or for more information regarding IGI Global’s flexible consortia agreements, contact Brittany Haynes, Senior Director of e-Collections & Open Access Initiatives, at or 717-533-8845 ext. 132.
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Hailing from Carolina Consortium Institutions:
If your institution is also interested in Open Access collaborations, please be aware that the Carolina Consortium (as well as many others) currently have open access opt-in agreements available. You can lean more about the Carolina Consortium's open access opt-in agreements here or discuss it further when meeting with us. If your institution's library is interested in a consortia agreement, recommend meeting with IGI Global to your consortia leadership and contact Brittany Haynes at
About the Carolina Consortium

The Carolina Consortium was established in 2004 for the express purpose of doing "big deals" with three large publishers who, at that time, required a certain volume (number of subscribing schools, total aggregate spend, etc.) before they would allow anyone into a big deal. In that first year, the consortium had 37 colleges/universities and one community college participate in one or more of the three deals offered. Over the next decade, the consortium grew rapidly, adding many more members and offers, and greatly expanding both the types of products offered and the kinds of libraries eligible to join. Today, the Carolina Consortium is a large group of diverse libraries, spanning two states and working together to save hundreds of millions of dollars on a wide variety of library resources and services.

About IGI Global
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA with a subsidiary office (IGI Science and Technology, Ltd.) operating out of Beijing, China, IGI Global is a leading medium-sized independent international academic publisher of scholarly reference sources. They are committed to facilitating the discovery of pioneering scientific research that enhances and expands the body of knowledge available to the research community through traditional and open access publishing workflows. Working in close collaboration with more than 150,000+ expert researchers and professionals from leading institutions, IGI Global publishes quality peer-reviewed content in three major academic subject areas:
Business & Management - Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM) - Education
Learn more about IGI Global here.
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