New Microsoft Technology Raises Concerns

Are Chatbots Too Hostile to Go Mainstream?

By IGI Global on Mar 17, 2023
MicrosoftMicrosoft has relaunched Bing as the first-ever chatbot-style search engine powered by artificial intelligence. However, the platform became hostile and began producing false information to a reporter who was testing it. While this powerful tool unlocks the potential for technological advancement, there are still hurdles to face. The recent reference book, Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology (ISBN: 9781668462348) published by IGI Global and led by an expert in software development with over a decade of experience, explores chatbot services and examines several vital and evolving concerns including human-bot interaction, chatbot adoption, chatbot architecture, design considerations, and chatbot applications in various domains including education and customer support.
Prof. Eric Atwell A new generation of chatbots is coming, based on neural pattern-matching algorithms which can learn from huge volumes of raw text and are pre-trained to capture the knowledge of the entire World Wide Web. Online neural network chatbots such as ChatGPT can harness huge cloud computing power to process any question and generate a sophisticated, impressive answer in real-time and in flawless English, drawn from knowledge anywhere on the internet. – Prof. Eric Atwell (University of Leeds, UK)
Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology
Profs. Mohammad Amin Kuhail (Zayed University, UAE), Bayan Abu Shawar (Al-Ain University, UAE), et al.
©2023 | 373 pgs. | ISBN13: 9781668462348
  • Covers Topics such as Algorithms, Business, Chatbots
  • Ideal for computer scientists, industry professionals, policymakers, and more
  • Led by an award-winning editor
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About the Editors
Mohammad Amin Kuhailreceived a Ph.D. in software development from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and an M.Sc. degree in software engineering from the University of York, UK. He served as an Assistant Teaching Professor with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), USA, for six years. In 2019, he joined Zayed University, serving as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Kuhail won the teaching award at UMKC in 2018 and received several research grants. Moreover, Dr. Kuhail is currently a reviewer at several journals and conferences, including ITICSE, IEEE Access, and MDPI Informatics. Dr. Kuhail is the founder and developer of a personal-financing system named "Organic Budget". Dr. Kuhail is a Computer Scientist and a Software Engineer with a diverse skill set that spans web development, object-oriented programming, algorithms, and usability. His research interests include human-computer interaction, educational technology, IT education, and smart city.

Bayan Abu Shawar holds a BSc and a Master degree in Computer Science from University of Jordan, and a PhD from the School of Computing at University of Leeds. Currently she is an Associate Professor in the Cybersecurity Department in the Faculty of Engineering at AL Ain University. Before Joining AL Ain University, she was an Associate Professor at Arab Open University in Jordan. Her research interests include Chatbots, Natural Language Intelligent, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligent, e-Learning, Question Answering systems, and Learning Management Systems.
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