IGI Global's Message to Researchers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Update and Editorial Support

By Lindsay Wertman on Mar 19, 2020

Dear Researchers,

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the publishing and academic community in a multitude of ways – with canceled in-person classes and events, travel bans, workforce and supply shortages, and general isolation protocols. At IGI Global, we clearly recognize the important role that researchers and academicians are playing during this pandemic serving the needs of students and the progression of important research findings. We also realize our responsibility in serving the academic community and will continue our operation at full capacity while taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our dedicated staff by utilizing telecommuting as much as possible.

In an effort to safely produce and distribute quality research throughout this pandemic, we are committed to serving the academic community in several different ways, including:

  • Timeliness of Publication: Understanding that researchers and academicians are relying on the publication of their research results for promotion and tenure, we will be working actively to ensure the timely publication of all scheduled projects. Also, all IGI Global print books and journals are printed using Print-on-Demand (POD) technologies offered by our partners in the United States, Europe, Australia, China, and more and shipped directly to our customers.  We do not anticipate any distribution disruption at this time since the majority of the POD operations are technology driven and less labor intensive. 

  • Staff and System Support: Our editorial management system, eEditorial Discovery (EED), and our editorial staff will remain fully operational to support our valued authors and editors with progressing their projects forward. We will continue to remain communicative and provide all the necessary resources to ensure the highest quality scholarly works.

  • Starting Up a New Project: If you are finding yourself in a position where you have time to write and research, we strongly recommend considering authoring or editing a new book project on the subject of your current research. In order to enrich the body of literature in the area of medicine and healthcare specifically, IGI Global is currently calling for proposals on any subject related to epidemics, pandemics, health education, health crisis management, etc. Our acquisitions staff is fully connected remotely, and ready and willing to support you with conceptualizing your next publication project. Please feel free to contact them at acquisition@igi-global.com. Learn more here.

  • Indexing and Abstracting: IGI Global will continue to submit eligible book and journal publications for consideration to various abstracting and indexing databases. In addition to submitting your work to different databases and lists, IGI Global’s marketing team is also committed to promoting your published research and ensuring the highest level of visibility and citation impact.

  • Access to Critical Research Findings: As in-classroom courses are migrating online for the next several weeks, IGI Global takes pride in publishing some of the most innovative research results in the area of e-learning. These titles can be highly supportive to educators who are trying to acclimate to this abrupt shift in the way they teach. Titles suiting this need can be found here. Additionally, in support of combatting the current challenges of COVID-19, our Editorial Team has hand-curated a list of titles related to the pandemic here. These and other titles are all available at an automatic 20% discount through the IGI Global Online Bookstore. Alternatively, you can recommend these titles to your librarian at your institution for library acquisition. Additionally, IGI Global offers a host of open access research articles on a wide range of topics here.

  • Supporting Your Library: IGI Global offers electronic access to all its book and journal titles in electronic format. Hosted on our advanced InfoSci platform, these titles are available with no embargo of content (electronic format is released months in advance of print), unlimited simultaneous users with no additional charge, and no maintenance fees with remote access options available for your institution. If you are interested in recommending any of IGI Global’s databases to your university library, you can access the forms on each of the InfoSci-Databases webpages. Also, please share with your institution’s librarian that for libraries that have purchased the print version of an IGI Global title, they will be given complimentary electronic access to the publication through the InfoSci platform at no charge in order to support remote learning and research at their institution.

  • IGI Global Headquarters: In addition to contacting members of the IGI Global Editorial Team – Book Development (development@igi-global.com), Journal Development (journaleditor@igi-global.com), Book Production (bookproofing@igi-global.com), Journal Production (journalproofing@igi-global.com), and Acquisitions (acquisition@igi-global.com) – you are also always welcome to contact our Customer Service Manager, Ms. Nicole Gonser, by e-mail at cust@igi-global.com or by phone at (717) 533-8845 ext. 100.

In summary, we would like to offer you and your colleagues our full support during such unique circumstances and uncertain times.

As the history of mankind clearly demonstrates, we shall overcome this challenge too! Until then, we are fully committed to serving everyone in the academic community to the best of our ability.

Warmest Regards,


Managing Director, IGI Global

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