Dr. Ananya S. Guha discusses why he believes that the education system is failing and how it can be improved.

Is the Education System Failing?

By Taylor Chernisky on Jun 28, 2017
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In today’s society, getting an education is instrumental to your success. In some countries, it gets harder to attend reputable institutions every day. With this trend, open and distance learning have been gaining popularity and becoming more and more accessible.

We recently spoke with Dr. Ananya S. Guha, author of “Community Information Centers In the State of Meghalaya, Outlining A Telecentre Model With Distance Education Perspective For Sustainability” from the book Open and Distance Learning Initiatives for Sustainable Development. Below, he lists his thoughts on why the education system is failing and how open and distance learning could alleviate some of the problems caused by this failure.

Dr. Guha believes that the future of education lies in open and distance learning. He states, “We must now break barriers in education, by dismantling its four cornered walls, and take it to 'open' spaces. That is its inherent right.” These learning styles will help to open the reach of top-tier universities to more people, making a quality higher education experience possible for those that may not have been able to access it previously. “Distance and Open Learning will help in the cause for education because it is: learning for the young, adult education, professional education, continuing education, education alternating between work and study et al,” Dr. Guha explains.

Additional trends that Dr. Guha believes will help to strengthen the case for open and distance learning are learner-centric education and community learning. Learner-centric education is where the focus is on the learner more so than the teacher. Home-based education, distance learning, open learning, and correspondence courses are examples of this learning style. Community learning occurs in interior or rural areas where the community is involved in managing the education of its members.

Dr. Guha believes that these learning methods will help to broaden the reach of higher education institutions around the world by “reaching areas not reached such as interior areas, different target groups such as women, 'drop outs', school teachers, neo or partial literates etc.”

If the demand for a top-tier education continues to grow, it is easy to see why more people could turn to open and distance learning to close the gap between their education levels. Is open and distance learning the solution to the imposing failure of the education system?
IGI Global would like to thank Dr. Guha for taking the time to share his views on how the education system can be improved. For further information on open and distance learning, please review the publications below:

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of IGI Global.
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