"Artificial Organs" offered for open access for the month of December

Hybrid Humans: The Growing Market for Artificial Organs

By IGI Global on Dec 1, 2015
IGI Global Editor Travels To Myanmar Our bodies and “selves” have come to be physically and mentally meshed with external artifacts and objects, and this fact sets the stage for a variety of philosophical and moral questions related to the role of culture in our technological world. Artificial organs are not as recent of a development as you may think. As early as 3000 BC, Egyptian mummies testify that missing limbs and fingers were replaced with wooden prosthesis (Kriss & Kriss, 1998).

Based off the archaic prototypes of first generations, today’s artificial organs have advanced to completely replace entire systems and functions in the human body. The invention and implementation of artificial organs has created an entire market of tools, devices, and processes for medical treatment and diagnosis. The article “Artificial Organs” by Gerardo Catapano, University of Calabria, Italy, and Gijsbertus Jacob Verkerke, University of Groningen, Netherlands, discuss the history and design of artificial organs, and how the industry has evolved from empirical attempts at providing generic replacement of a single mechanical function to a more systematic multi-purpose approach that increasingly accounts for biological issues.

Kriss, T. C., & Kriss, V. M. (1998). History of the operating microscope: From magnifying glass to microneurosurgery. Neurosurgery, 42(4), 899–907.

Catapano and Verkerke’s article “Artificial Organs” is currently being offered for free access for the month of December. This research discusses the way artificial organ design is currently taught. Organ design is analyzed and discussed relative to the evolution of the methods of artificial organ design for substitution of physical and metabolic bodily functions. View the free article here.

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